Duale: We Won't Allow Ruto and Company to Make Our Decisions

  • National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale urged pastoralist communities and Kenyans at large not to follow leaders blindly, especially on matters pertaining to the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) report.

    Duale was speaking at Crowne Plaza, Nairobi, during a meeting convened to welcome Wabar Abdille Wabar Abdi, the supreme community and cultural leader of the Dagodia clan-  a Somali community living in the Horn of Africa.

    Wabar Abdi arrived in the country on Friday, November 29, 2019, as reported by NTV.

    Duale advised political leaders against making decisions on behalf of Kenyans.

    Majority leader Aden Duale addresses leaders from the Somali community and Supreme leader of the Dagodia community Wabar Abdille Wabar on Friday, November 29.

    "We want to send the strongest signal from the Crowne Plaza today, when the chips are down, politically, every community will make a decision with its leadership. We will not allow Francis Atwoli, Raila Odinga, William Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka to make decisions for us on the way forward," Duale warned.

    "Go to Western, talk to your people, go to the Coast and talk to your people, go to Central and talk to your people, when it comes to North-Eastern and the pastoral community, we have leaders who will decide what's in the best interest of our own people," he added.

    Duale, in his address, stated that communities should live in harmony and called upon religious leaders and politicians alike to help foster peace.

    The release of the BBI report has sparked debate in political quarters over the next phase which is the implementation of the recommendations contained in the document. 

    On Friday, November 29, The Standard reported that ODM leader Raila Odinga and a section of MPs want the proposals subjected to a referendum while the rest want the report executed through Parliament. 

    “The surest way to kill BBI is through Parliament, which has never managed to raise two-thirds of members to make any constitutional changes. A referendum does not need to be expensive,” ODM Chairman John Mbadi was quoted by the newspaper.

    Majority Leader Aden Duale(left) and Dagodia Leader Wabar Abdille Wabar(right) on Friday, November 29