Uhuru Is Crying Out for Help - Linus Kaikai

  • Citizen TV's Director of Strategy and Innovation Linus Kaikai alleged that President Uhuru Kenyatta's constant rants in his native Kikuyu language meant that the head of state was crying out for help, as he was under immense pressure from his deputy, William Ruto.

    On Thursday, December 5, during News Gang, anchor Francis Gachuri first translated a speech the president had made in his mother tongue at Mang'u the previous day.

    Kenyatta on Wednesday, December 4, lashed out at his deputy's allies in Kikuyu dialect, for what he described as participating in early campaigns.

    Citizen TV presenters, (from left) Joe Ageyo, Linus Kaikai, Jamila Mohamed and Francis Gachuri during News Gang on Thursday, December 5, 2019

    "My silence makes them think that I am dumb. Even before the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report was released, they were traversing the country while engaging in politics. 

    "The report has now been launched and they have now taken a different direction," an angry Uhuru remarked.

     According to Gachuri, Kenyatta was addressing pro-tanga tanga legislators who had picked war against BBI.

    "He was basically saying that enough is enough, alluding to the debate prior to unveiling BBI report.  He stated that there was a heated discussion on its contents by some leaders and now they had changed tuned and were diverting the nation again in terms of its implementation.

    "He was addressing the pro-tanga tanga leaders, and who else is their leader if not Ruto. Thus he was addressing Ruto," Gachuri deciphered.

    Kaikai weighed in and argued that Kenyatta was lamenting and that the pressure would upsurge ahead of the 2022 elections as Mt Kenya region had a proven trajectory of aligned itself to ahead of any election. 

    "In terms of optics, Kenyatta is not doing well with how quick he descends to native Kikuyu language. He has not collected it from any of the presidents. Not once did Mwai Kibaki speak in native language even under pressure. Daniel Moi was never quoted speaking Kalenjin.

    "Whenever someone exclaims they do so in the native language, even when under pressure. Kenyatta is under immense pressure, he is crying saying 'listen to me, I am speaking to your hearts. Is he under pressure from Ruto? Yes. There is something that is happening in Mt Kenya. Ruto has made inroads without using State House," Kaikai opined. 

    He went on to explain that the storm would continue to rise towards 2022 and Kenyatta would plead even more. Having covered previous elections as a journalist, he affirmed that Mt Kenya's transition during elections was that the region moved from any serving president to new possibilities.

    Joe Ageyo went on to allude that Mt Kenya at the moment was traversing on unknown waters, as there was no open successor to Kenyatta, unlike in the previous elections whereby the mantle was passed from one son of the soil to another, a case study of Kibaki to Kenyatta.

    He added that Interior CS Fred Matiang'i had made it clear that Kenyatta and Ruto were embroiled in a tussle. According to Matiang'i, during a fundraiser in Kirinyaga on Friday, November 29, two men could not lead a household, and he worked for Kenyatta alone. 

    Jamila Mohamed wrapped up the analysis stating that Kenyatta had realised that there was a fire burning in Mt Kenya and that the head of state was making tours in his backyard to endear himself back to the people who stood with him in 2013 and 2017. 

    President Kenyatta witnessing the handing over and opening of an outpatient block funded by the Government of Japan at a cost of Shs 8 million at the Catholic Church-owned Mang’u Dispensary, Thika County on Wednesday, December 4. He warned pro-Ruto allies against fighting BBI

    Video: Citizen TV