EXCLUSIVE: Ex-K24 Presenter Lands New NTV Role

  • Former K24 presenter, Serah Ndanu Teshna, landed a new role at NTV and will be making a comeback to the screens. Ndanu who used to host K24 Alfajiri announced her departure from the station in May 2019.

    On Thursday, December 5, in a statement sent to Kenyans.co.ke newsroom, the media personality and endeared actress too, revealed that she would be taking on the lead role in the new drama series Pieces of Us which will be airing on NTV on Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

    In 2017, she played Trizzy in the award-winning drama-comedy series Sue na Jonnie.

    Award-winning actress Serah Ndanu who will be starring on NTV's new show Pieces of Us

    The new drama series Pieces of Us revolves around Ndanu who plays Joey, a character she describes as a perfectionist who’s successful in all aspects of life except her love life. 

    Joey is in a rush to get married and settle down, that’s if she can convince or “nag” her live-in boyfriend of five years, Richard (played by Brian Ogola) into finally proposing. 

    "For me, when it comes to accepting roles, it’s always about the challenge and also about the kind of message I’m selling out there. After being inactive in the film/TV industry for almost two years, I wanted to come back and do something that was more impactful.

    "I fell in love with Joey the moment I heard about her. She’s a character that’s relatable to a lot of young women right now. Society has pressured women to work so hard to be successful and independent. But at the same time, such women who succeed have become a big threat to men such that they are sceptical whether they want to marry this kind of a woman. This is Joey’s story and it’s a story that I really wanted to share with people because so many are going through this," Ndanu stated.

    She went on to add that it was not difficult to ease into the role after her absence from the acting scene for a long time. 

    "I keep saying that acting is my first love. There’s always an actor deep inside of me, whether I am in a film set or not," Ndanu affirmed.

    Jennifer Ochieng, an official at Sinema Focus further informed Kenyans.co.ke that Ndanu would not be producing the show but only acting in it. In a previous interview with a local outlet in September 2019, Ndanu stated that she had started her next project while still at K24, a TV series where she is the executive producer.

    "Yes she is working on something on her own, which she may produce later, but as for now, she will be taking the lead role only," Ochieng clarified. 

    The presenter has won numerous awards as an outstanding actress including Best Lead Actress in 2011 and 2012 during the Kalasha Film Awards.

    Nation Center which houses NTV studios (Photo/Simon Kiragu)