Sonko Breaks Silence After Arrest

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was on Friday, December 6 was arrested by EACC detectives in Voi allegedly trying to evade arrest.

    In a press release to Media houses through county director of communications, Jacob Elkanah, the governor asserted that he was well-prepared to fight the accusations levelled against him.

    "Today morning, l learned of the arrest order issued by the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji against me and other officers in my administration,

    "I want to confidently state from the onset that I am more than ready for the lawful course that will help us know the truth," the statement read.

    Governor Mike Sonko addresses the media in the past after being summoned by EACC. He was arrested on Friday, December 6

    Sonko further claimed that he believed in total accountability especially when it came to the management of public resources that were under his care.

    He further revealed that he had read the statement by the DPP  and that the details and reasons for his arrest gave him more confidence knowing that he had the facts to dismantle what he termed as 'choreographed lies'.

    "Given the fact that we are headed to court, I will not bother you with insights into what I believe is the real story against the shallow work from EACC and its accomplices in this mission,

    "I call upon my supporters and Nairobi residents, in particular, to be calm as I deal with this temporary insubordination. I assure everyone that I shall not be intimidated and won’t be moved an inch into some political traps," he added.

    The county head further revealed that he stood for justice and he was more than ready for the court process where he would unleash his armoury against these conspirators.

    "As a matter of fact, my quest for justice that puts EACC on the spot over land grabbing will remain on course. The facts will soon come out and you the public will make the right judgement," Sonko went on.

    Sonko then criticised the manner in which the DPP and the EACC had handled his case claiming they had no reason to arrest him, all they needed to do was inform him of a court date and he would have presented himself.

    "Reports from EACC that l was arrested while trying to run away are another proof that the body is so much interested in playing politics.  Why would l run away?

    "To where and to do what? I am a Kenyan who is always on the move doing what's good for the people. I was on my way to Mombasa to attend and close a workshop which was attended by my people," he went on to state.

    In concluding the statement Sonko stated that he had ordered with immediate effect, investigations into a collapsed building in Tasia area.

    "My people are on the ground to conduct probe and rescue missions," he stated.

    The statement signed by Governor Mike Sonko