Kivutha Kibwana's Conditions Before Running For Presidency in 2022

  • Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana on a question and answer session with the Daily Nation on Sunday, December 8, revealed that he had been cagey about his 2022 presidential ambitions.

    Responding to a question from a citizen who wanted to know how he intended to fund his bid for the presidency in 2022, Kivutha admitted that there was still much to be done in the country's leadership system before he stood an actual shot at the top seat.

    "In many parts of the country that I have gone to, people asked me to vie for presidency in 2022. I cannot take these genuine calls for granted, but in the past, many progressive individuals who hastily stepped into the presidential ring failed to capture Kenyans' imaginations," Kivutha stated.

    Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Makueni's Kivutha Kibwana (in a cap) at the official launch of Huduma Namba registration drive at Masii Public Grounds in Machakos County on 3 April 2019.

    He took the case of leaders such as James Orengo, Paul Muite, Martha Karua, James Ole Kiyiapi and Peter Kenneth who he stated did not have adequate campaign funds, multi-ethnic networks, support of the systems and attention of the grassroots voter as the biggest impediment to their bids.

    "We should change the laws to make political parties to be based on real ideology and vision and regulate campaign financing so that we don't just buy physical election victory," he explained.

    Kivutha also revisited the incidents of the 1990s where he stated that he had been approached to become a compromise presidential candidates alongside Reverend Mutava Musyimi and Willy Mutunga.

    This was a key tactic used by former President Daniel Moi to keep the opposition divided so that his Kanu party stood a higher chance at retaining the top seat.

    "We declined the offers then. However, I am ready to participate with any group of dedicated, hardworking and visionary Kenyans who wish to move Kenyans to the next level in 2022. Nobody can make it to the ultimate political leadership of our country on their own. We need a robust movement for change and continuity," Kivutha expressed himself.

    He also stated that he looked forward to a system akin to America's where leaders can campaign for the presidency without having to worry so much about having the financial muscles to 'purchase' electoral victory.

    "That way, the leaders can dedicate themselves to employing the people's resources to development because they did not bribe citizens with handouts. Instead, the people will literally have elected us through their finances," he concluded.

    Makuenio Governor Kivutha Kibwana during the distribution of textbooks to ECD centres across Makueni county in 2018.