DCI Explains Sonko's Good Conduct Certificate

  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Wednesday, December 11 cleared the air on the confusion surrounding Governor Mike Sonko's Police Clearance Certificate.

    The directorate was responding to queries from members of the public on how Governor Sonko was able to acquire the crucial document, despite his chequered past.

    Taking to Twitter, DCI revealed that if one was arraigned in court and acquitted, then their criminal recorded was deleted.

    The good conduct certificate issued to Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko

    "It is good to note that if an applicant had cases and he/she was acquitted by a court of law, that criminal record is expunged from the criminal database," DCI clarified.

    If one was convicted of a crime, the record was kept for 20 years before being deleted.

    "Howbeit, if convicted of the same, the record is kept for 20 years before it is expunged unless the offence (s) charged with falls under the category of permanent offences," DCI went on.

    Permanent crimes include robbery with violence, murder, treason, rape and offences related to drugs.

    The DCI further clarified that anyone has the right to a Police Clearance Certificate, despite having a criminal record.

    "Kindly also note that all the applicants of Police Clearance Certificate are all issues with one irrespective of whether they were convicted, acquitted, dismissed, discharged or have cases pending in court.

    "Despite that, the offence (s) convicted under or cases pending before the court are indicated in the remarks column of the Police Clearance Certificate," the directorate explained.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in handcuffs after he was arrested on December 6 2019 in Voi.
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