Kenyan Billionaire Who Feared Flying, Hated Choppers

  • Common beliefs around the world are constructed on the pretence that owning flashy possessions such as choppers is on the bucket list

    For one Kenyan billionaire, John Kinuthia Makumi alias Mr Money, who achieved riches beyond Kenyan borders, boarding or owning a chopper was never one of his extravagant desires.

    During the funeral of the billionaire in Kiambu County on Wednesday, December 11, his children revealed that they were perturbed with their father's choices when it came to travel.

    They recalled that there was a time he opted to drive to Mombasa (more than 400 kilometres away) and Tanzania (more than 900 kilometres away) than flying. 

    A framed photo of the late Kiambu billionaire John Kinuthia Makumi during his funeral on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

    “He was always ready to hit the road despite the long distances but never admired flying, perhaps that’s why he never owned a chopper while he could comfortably afford one,” recounted Wanjuhi Kinuthia.

    Makumi passed away on Thursday, December 5, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

    He often travelled to various parts of the country to inspect his businesses which included Lavington Mall in Nairobi, a 200-acre farm in Loitoktok, Zadar Building in Wangige, a building hosting Fountain Church near Fig Tree in Ngara and the upcoming Wangige Mall, according to a report by The Standard.

    He was also known for being polygamous but maintaining unity among his two wives to a point where they lived in one house together with their children.

    “As a good gesture of our relation, we have been staying together in one home for six months with my co-wife, with the children, and later shifted to her home for the same period. That is how we strengthened the bond in our family,” stated Agnes Waringa, one of the widows.

    Wanjiku Kinuthia, one of his children, vied for the Kabete Constituency seat in the 2017 General Election, but came short.

    Lavington Mall in Nairobi which was owned by the