Ex-PS Spends Ksh800K in a Day To Save Teenager's Life

  • Former Principal Secretary in the ministry of Agriculture Richard Lesiyampe on Friday, December 13 spent over Ksh 800,000 to save the life of a teenager. 

    The Ex-PS had answered the call for help after 17-year-old Moses Lodopopit was allegedly bitten by a puff adder and needed urgent medical attention.

    Lesiyampe paid a local airline company to airlift the boy from Samburu to the Kenyatta National Hospital where he was to be treated.

    The chopper that was used to airlift the teenager who was bitten by a snake

    In images that appeared online showed that the PS drafted two cheques in the name of the airline, one current for Ksh500,000 and another post-dated for Ksh311,846.

    Kenyatta National Hospital took to twitter to confirm that they had received the patient and they were already working on putting him under treatment.

    The referral hospital went on to thank the former PS who it stated was assisted by the Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda.

    "Received Moses Lodopopit, a 17-year-old snake bite victim from Suradoru village Samburu West, 24 hours after he was bitten by a puff adder. Thanks to Dr Richard Lesiyampe, Hon. Naisula Lesuuda and Wamba MCA Hon. Lucas Lekwale for airlifting the patient," Kenyatta National Hospital tweeted.

    The plight of the boy had been shared online as residents sought ways to save his life after he was bitten by the snake which is considered one of the worlds most venomous.

    Moses Lodopopit after he was received at the KNH
    the cheque drafted by the former PS

    The former PS was in July 2019 recorded in a video admitting that he had actually stolen.

    in the video shared by NTV, while speaking at a right of passage ceremony in his Native Samburu County, Lesiyampe claimed that he had actually just stolen from his enemies.

    the cheque drafted by the former PS