Fena Gitu's Little Known Accomplished Sister

  • While Fena Gitu might be a household name due to her catchy tunes and musical prowess, her sister, Maggie Gitu, is not as active in the social space.

    Maggie Gitu is a marriage, family and sex therapist who writes a column for the Saturday Standard's Eve Woman, captioned under the tag 'Between the Sheets'. 

    On a post on Instagram on Sunday, December 15, Fena captioned her relationship with her sister during an outing together, a rare act as both of them seem to be keen on staying away from each others' light.

    From left: Fena Gitu and her sister Maggie Gitu on Sunday, December 16, in Nairobi.

    According to her LinkedIn profile, Maggie holds a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy from the Pan African Christian University in Nairobi.

    Alongside her weekly column with the Standard which has lasted for close to three years, Gitu works as an independent consultant and therapist based in Nairobi, a practice she has been at for more than five years.

    In an interview with Eve Woman in October 2017, Gitu narrated that some of her roles as a therapist include counselling couples, advising on relationships, sexual and family matters and also reaching out to clients with feedback on questions

    "My days are not regular, sometimes I’m doing research on questions asked by clients, sometimes I am reading emails sent in by clients, and other times I am seeing clients back to back," she stated.

    The renowned therapist also opened up on her most awkward experiences in practice, which she stated was with individuals walking to her office thinking that part of her work involved having sex with them to demonstrate how to have better sex lives.

    On the upside, however, her best moments while on duty was when clients were finally able to figure out what exactly was ailing their relationships and inform her that they were making progress.

    She also told the publication that if she had not been a therapist, she would have been an air hostess due to her love for serving people or a mechanic due to her curiosity with how things worked.

    "I find my work very fulfilling. People should not be afraid to go for sex therapy because it is essential, however, you should always ensure that your sex therapist is qualified. A sex therapist must have a Masters or a PhD," she advises.

    Maggie Gitu is a marriage and therapist with a column on the Saturday Standard's Eve Woman.