How to Successfully Make it to The Top of Mt Kenya

  • Once in a while, it is nice to get away from the busy city life and go unwind in a desert somewhere, a beach or even a mountain.

    It simply depends on what you find fit but I dare say that mountain climbers get more fulfilled despite the activity being viewed as an extremely tedious sport.

    One of the best mountains to climb in Kenya is Mt Kenya. It is the second-largest mountain in Africa and is located approximately 200km north of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

    It is important, however, to prepare yourself adequately before going for the climb. Here are some quick, easy steps to follow so that to get to the top of Mt Kenya;

    1. Make sure you are physically and mentally fit

    Climbing any mountain requires you to be physically and mentally fit and Mt Kenya is no different. It is important to do some jogging, running, hiking, climbing of walls so as get prepared for the d-day.

    It goes to show you how much of the activity you can endure and also raises preparedness.

    1. Set aside appropriate attire and equipment for the climb

    The mountain can be climbed all year round though the best time for the activity is during the dry seasons. 

    It is necessary to carry a climbing pack.

    Some of the important things to note before you embark on packing include; weather conditions and length of the mountain.

    1. Find a mountain guide

    A mountain guide is trained and experienced. He is an expert and can instruct individuals or groups who require his expertise.

    1. Prepare for the trip to the location

    There are various means of transport that can get you close to Mt Kenya including; taxis, minibuses, buses and car hire.

    It is good to be familiar with the routes you would want to use when climbing the mountain, so as to have prior knowledge of which town your means of transport should alight.

    Some of these towns include; Naromoru, Nanyuki and Chogoria town.

    If you alight at Naromoru town, you will use the Naro Moru route. It is considered to be the fastest route to point to Lenana, one of the peaks of the mountain. This route is often crowded because it is the most popular route.

    It can be ascended in three days.

    On this route, there is the presence of the Northern and Southern Naromoru Rivers.

    On the other hand, if you alight at Nanyuki, you will use Sirimo route. This route is considered to be the least used of the three. It is also on the drier side of the mountain.

    When climbing the mountain using this route, you will notice that the forest slowly turns into moorland, which is covered in heather. 

    If you alight at Chogoria town, you will use the Chogoria route, which is said to be the most scenic and interesting. The route passes through yellowwood forests.

    There is the presence of wildlife in the forest and monkeys on the trees before the bamboo zone starts with grasses growing to 40 ft.

    5) Understand what you are required to do on the arrival of the mountain

    During your stay at Moses camp, which serves as the departure point, double-check if you have all your climbing gear, enough food, look over a map and get to know the route well.

    Also, exercise, have a meal and go to bed early.

    6) Begin climbing

    -Depending on the route you chose to use, stick to it unless something major comes up.

    - Allow the mountain guide to take you through the climbing process as he is more experienced especially if you are a beginner.

    -Remember to keep hydrating and taking short breaks so as to eat energy foods and rest briefly.

    -Always stay with the other climbers at all times.

    7.) Descending the mountain

    It always seems easier to descend rather than to ascend. It is important, however, to take caution as this is where most of the accidents occur.

    Remember to keep roped and be on high alert.

    As mentioned earlier, climbing is one of the most fulfilling activities that can be done. In the activity, you get to see places only a few people have seen, meet amazing people and acquire persistence, patience, gratitude and most importantly, positivity.