Children Risk Falling Off 6-Storey Building [VIDEO]

  • A video that surfaced on social media on Sunday, December 22, showing children hanging out on the rooftop of a six-storey building gripped netizen.

    The clip showed about six children who were unattended at the top of the tapered roofing of an apartment building that many netizens claimed was in Athi River. 

    Two of the youngsters were seen walking the horizontal length of the roof, risking what could have become a tragic fall since the roofing was tapered. 

    Netizens express displeasure about a video that surfaced online showing unattended children on the roof of a six-storey building.

    The footage was recorded by a neighbour from a building opposite the one where the children were. 

    Kamau Wanjohi, a Twitter user criticised the person recording, adding that they should have tried to get the children out of the dangerous spot they were in. 

    "Why are you even recording this.give a command and wote watoke hapo," he weighed in. 

    "So quick to take out phones to record things instead of telling those kids to get off the roof. Do better as a human being," Waithera Wainaina opined.

    Okari Angwenyi called for the arrest of the landlord for not restricting access to the roof. 

    "This is Greatwall Gardens Athi River. They went through the staircase to the rooftop tank. They have had to step on something to get to the roof as the wall is a bit high. 

    However, the door to that area is always open, on all the buildings for employees to check the water level," Kipchumba Rono commented.