Daily Nation Honours Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara With Special Feature

  • The Sunday Nation on January 5, 2019, gave an outstanding review of Citizen TV's Yvonne Okwara.

    In an article titled Here are the best and worst public and corporate communicators of last year, the popular publication singled out Yvonne's hard-hitting opinions.

    "Yvonne Okwara has evolved from reporting to creating a segment 'Yvonne's Take' that speaks truth to power in an eloquent, serious and straightforward manner," reads an excerpt of the article.

    "She has also mastered the vocal and verbal aspects of communication evidenced in her expressiveness of voice and enunciation," it further read.

    Yvonne Okwara pictured at the Citizen TV studio.

    Taking to her official Twitter page, the celebrated media personality thanked Sunday Nation for the rave review, but jokingly pointed out the fact that she was the only one whose photo was not published as part of the article.

    "Humbled for this recognition in the Sunday Nation today. (Even though NMG decided to not put a picture of me. It's cool. I know what I look like!) Jokes aside though, thanks for this!" she tweeted.

    "On days like these, I have imposter syndrome. Why me? My father and mother are not prominent people. I am just simple girl with a dream and a passion so great, it drives me insane! I never tire to say this, it's God!
    So, so grateful. Heart is full," she added on Instagram.

    Several celebrities congratulated Yvonne for being at the centre of the rare occasion where a media group lavished praise on a journalist from a rival media house.

    "Well deserved. Congratulations Yvonne," renown songstress Suzanne Owiyo tweeted.

    Other personalities praised in the article include the late Safaricom CEO - Bob Collymore, who was lauded for his openness regarding his battle with cancer.

    "His final media interview will remain a classic communication masterpiece of candour, courage and authenticity that moved him from the hallowed pedestal of a celebrated CEO to just another human being going through life struggles," reads a section of the article.

    A screengrab of the Sunday Nation article published on January 5, 2020.