Remarkable Kenyan Woman to Run Bill Gates' Company

  • Little girls with dreams become women with a vision. This is best describes Kendi Ntwiga Nderitu - the extra-ordinary lady who was handpicked to run Microsoft Kenya on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

    Up until the age of 11, her daily routine involved waking up, going to work on her parent's farm, fetching firewood and water and doing it all over again.

    However, in 1991, her father unknowingly sparked something in her that would go on to propel her to the highest heights in the tech world.

    "My dad decided to do computer science and he sold us the hope of urban life," she narrated to CIO EA Magazine back in 2017.

    Kendi Ntwiga Nderitu - Microsoft Country Lead Kenya.

    "He spoke with so much admiration and he made me love it. At that point, in my teenage years I knew there and then I wanted to study computer science," she revealed.

    Kendi has since gone on to take up top management positions at leading global tech firms such as HP, Oracle, Check Point Software Technologies and Intel, prior to her latest appointment as Microsoft Country Lead in Kenya.

    During her tenure at Oracle, she won the Oracle Excellence Award, granted to the top 2% high performing employees globally.

    She also founded She-Goes-Tech to mentor young girls to pursue careers in science and technology, a program that had enrolled 3,100 young girls in 2019.

    A devout Christian, Kendi has been referred to as modest by countless peers as well as publications.

    "Yes. Look, if you ask me who I am, the one thing I am is a child of God. And the journey we’ve been with my God has been such that, He puts the desire in my heart and I pursue it with excitement because there is nothing in the world better than this," she revealed to Business Daily in July 2019 when asked to list her countless achievements.

    Reports by the publication further revealed that she continues to contribute to groups like The Gates Foundation, Aspen New Voices and Ford Foundation.

    Her latest appointment is yet another cap to the feather of a truly remarkable woman, mother, and wife.

    Kendi Ntwiga Nderitu - new Microsoft Country Lead Kenya, speaking at a Check Point forum.