How Citizen TV's Awinja Secured Role After Chance Encounter With Papa Shirandula

  • Citizen TV actress Jacky Vike known to many by her stage name Awinja, on Tuesday, January 7, narrated how she landed her role in the show Papa Shirandula.

    During an interview on the station, Ms Vike narrated that she had gone for auditions for another show but ended up getting the role in the local TV drama.

    "It's so weird, I was going for a different audition and it happened that Charles Bukeko (known to many as Papa Shirandula) was part of the panel. 

    "I went for three auditions and passed all of them, I was doing a totally different character but I don't know what happened to the project so, after around eight months, Charles called me but said he wanted me to be an actress for Papa Shirandula," she disclosed.

    Citizen TV actress Jacky Vike known to many as Awinja on Papa Shirandula.

    Awinja went on and stated that she was not sure of how well she would perform her newly-acquired role as a meddlesome househelp of Wilbroda (Jacque Nyaminde) in the show.

    "When he told me that I would act as a househelp from Mumias, I wasn't sure I would do it because I did not have an accent. I had done set books, I used to do theatrics theatre but all those were different from the accent thing," she continued.

    The actress further stated that she used to watch the show while in High school but never thought she would feature in it.

    "These are people who have been in the industry for so long, they are amazing, they are talented people. It is so intimidating to be part of it or even to think about it," she added.

    Ms Vike, who's become a household name, has been acting in the show for 10 years.

    Below is a video courtesy of Citizen TV: