Miguna's Second Return Aborts


    Moments after lawyer Miguna Miguna boarded an Air France flight destined for Nairobi, and after announcing his triumphant return from forced exile in Canada, he was forced to disembark under unclear circumstances - this based on assurances by the government that the Foreign Affairs ministry would facilitate his return after yet another aborted return via Lufthansa flight LH590 that landed in Nairobi at  9.25 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7. 

    Miguna confirmed his latest hurdle in a Twitter post at 11.06 p.m. even as earlier reports indicated that he would be travelling on another flight by German national carrier, Lufthansa, scheduled to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) at 9:45 a.m. now erroneously drawn from his earlier Twitter post. 

    "Air France removed me from Flight AF0814 from Charles De Gaulle Airport to JKIA, which was about to take off. [Expletive] Uhuru Kenyatta and [expletive] Raila Odinga are so afraid, cowardly, tyrannical and weak that they have sent RED ALERTS to all airlines. We shall never surrender!.

    "We shall never surrender! It is just a matter of time but it is crystal clear that we will defeat these rascals and their tiny group of repressive, exploitative and looting cabals. Don't waver. Don't compromise. Don't flinch. We shall win! #DespotsMustFall #RevolutionNow," Miguna posted on social media. 

    Miguna Miguna kicked out of Air France

    Below is our earlier coverage of the unfolding drama:

    Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna finally boarded a flight to Nairobi after a series of disappointments early morning on Tuesday, January 7.

    Through a post on Twitter, Miguna indicated that he had eventually caught a flight from Germany headed to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    "Homebound. Unbowed! Dynamic.Resourceful.

    "Arrival at JKIA, on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020 at 9:45 a.m." read part of his tweet.

    A file photo of lawyer Miguna Miguna

    The embattled lawyer, even after being delayed by a red alert issued against him by the government that was eventually lifted did not shy away from indicating that the apparent gesture by the government was no favour to him.

    "A Kenyan by birth and right. Kenyans are not slaves.

    "Freedom must come through the fearless pursuit of truth and justice.

    "See you in Nairobi," added Miguna.

    Miguna further condemned the Kenyan administration for interfering with his process to get back to Nairobi indicating that their action was a total violation of his rights.

    "Patriots blame the rogue despot for the desperate, cowardly and illegal red alert. Blame the despot for the continued disobedience of multiple court orders. Lufthansa is an accomplice but not the primary offender. Viva!"

    Earlier on Tuesday, January 7, Miguna disclosed that he was still in Berlin, Germany and would reveal his plan on returning to Kenya after facing frustrations in his earlier attempt.

    "I'm exploring all my options. I'll communicate when and how I will travel to Kenya later today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, I urge all my supporters, freedom fighters and genuine human rights defenders to remain focused and unbowed."

    "Mobilize for a huge homecoming to shame the despots," he wrote on Twitter.

    Lufthansa had barred the fiery barrister from boarding flight LH590, citing a request from the Kenyan government.

    "The Kenyan authorities require airlines to send passenger data to them in advance before every flight departs to Kenya. In the case of this passenger, they requested that Lufthansa deny boarding.

    "However, we are trying to help him in whatever way we can," the airline posted in response to various queries.

    On Monday, January 6th, 2020, the Directorate of Immigration Services had issued a statement promising to facilitate Miguna's re-entry into the country in compliance with several orders issued by the courts.

    Justice Weldon Korir further gave orders on Monday compelling the government not to interfere with Miguna's re-entry and to release his Kenyan passport which is under the custody of the Registrar of the court.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The title of this article was amended from 'Miguna Finally Boards Flight Back Home' to 'Miguna's Second Return Aborts' to reflect the developments the drama that was unfolding as lawyer Miguna Miguna tried to return from his two-year forced exile in Canada.