Fireworks as Miguna Trashes Oguna Live on Citizen TV [VIDEO]

  • There were fireworks on Citizen TV on the night of Wednesday, January 8, after JKLive show's host Jeff Koinange interviewed both embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna and Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna concurrently amidst travel drama.

    Miguna, who was initially scheduled to touch down at JKIA Airport on Tuesday, January 7, suffered a setback after he got kicked out of a plane in Germany.

    Speaking to Citizen TV, Oguna explained that Miguna's woes were stemming from his 'unruly' travelling behaviour and admitted that the Kenyan government did issue a red alert that led to the lawyer getting ejected from the plane.

    He further argued that the government was ready to receive the Canadian-citizenship holder as well as process him a passport as long as he visited any Kenyan embassy across the world for the exercise.

    Lawyer Miguna Miguna in a plane heading to Nairobi on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

    "Miguna was unruly and that went against international regulations put there by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) annex 17 which prohibits any unruly passengers to travel.

    “It is hard to understand why Miguna Miguna is finding it so hard to walk into any of our embassies abroad and be able to be issued with travel documents," wondered Oguna.

    Miguna, who was speaking to the Kilimani-based broadcaster via Facetime from Germany, however, countered Oguna's assertions with suspicions that the state was out for his life and that they were baiting him to go to a Kenyan embassy where they would capture him.

    He went as far as to liken his woes to those of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was abducted and killed when he visited a Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

    Miguna further poked holes into Oguna's red alert claims explaining that he (Miguna) had travelled to other countries without being blocked and openly wondered whether the alerts were only effective in African airports.

    "It only applies to people travelling to Africa? So this law was meant for Africa? 

    "Oguna should have remained in the military, a military man is not an effective propagandist. Oguna is not a trained propagandist and will not be able to serve this government," he explained.

    “A court order must be obeyed by everyone if we’re going to live by the rule of law. No one is above the law; the President is not above the law; Oguna is not above the law; Miguna is not above the law. So when the court says Miguna is a Kenyan citizen that never lost his citizenship, you must accept what the court has said," he added.

    Miguna has suffered a series of frustrations so far which he claimed were caused by the government.

    The latest blow was on the night of Tuesday, January 7, when he was forced to disembark from an Air France flight destined for Nairobi.

    Miguna had earlier suffered another aborted return via Lufthansa flight LH590.

    Below is the video of the heated exchange: