Costly BBI Meeting Lands ODM Governor in Trouble

Kisii Governor James Ongwae on Thursday, January 9, found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans over a BBI meeting set to be held in his county on January 10.

The angry and dissatisfied netizens on Twitter called for the governor to be arrested, as it emerged that the event would cost a whooping Ksh18 million.

Photos of dilapidated roads in the county were shared, with many people calling for the money to be diverted to more pressing development issues rather than the BBI forum.

Kisii Governor James Ongwae

"How does Governor Ongwae and Nyanza governors sit down to discuss BBI which most leaders support and spend close to Ksh20 million. Laugh and merry while 150 families in his county are sleeping in the cold after being displaced by rains. Stupidity this is," claimed one John Mwenda.

Despite efforts by Senate Minority Leader James Orengo to explain that the counties would not be using funds from their own kitties, netizens were having none of it.

South Mugirango Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro joined Kenyans in condemning the planned BBI meeting and also called for the arrest of Governor Ongwae.

"Spending over Ksh18 million of Kisii County funds to 'consult' on BBI when (there is) no opposition to it, while our people are suffering. Interest to cover up theft in the county government for the past 7 years must be condemned with the strongest terms possible. James shame on you," Osoro tweeted.

"Our priorities are quite misplaced. The county does not have visible projects. Ongwae is out there patronizing runaway corruption and dishing out jobs to his clansmen. His term is over anyway, on to the next thief," stated one Captain Josh.

Despite the criticism, some social media users defended the governor, terming calls for his arrest as hypocritical. Some claimed that the attacks had been sponsored by Ongwae's opponents and those against the BBI.

Former SONU Chairperson David Osiany wondered why people had overlooked the poor road network in Kisii County for many years, only to bring up the issue because Governor Ongwae would host the BBI forum.

South Mugirango Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro

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