Police Put on High Alert as Terrorist Target City

Police in Thika, Kiambu County have been put on high alert after it emerged that a terror group was planning to access Nairobi and other parts of the country through the Garissa-Thika highway.

According to the Kenya News Agency, the Kiambu County Police Commander (CPC), Ali Nuno on Wednesday, January 8, stated that three suspects believed to be Al-Shabaab terrorists had already been arrested over a period of three weeks.

Nuno also confirmed that they had handed over the suspects to the Anti-terror Police Unit (ATPU) to follow up on the investigation.

He further stated that two of them were arrested while on a Nairobi-bound bus from Garissa along the highway while the third was arrested within Thika’s Makongeni Estate.

"We are very well prepared to combat any terrorist activity. We know they may use the Thika-Garissa Highway to gain entry into the capital city. We have intensified crackdowns on roadblocks and are working on intelligence reports,” Nuno told reporters.

Kiambu County Commissioner, Wilson Wanyanga, also assured residents of their peace of mind and security and the police were on alert to combat any potential threat.

“We are on top of things to secure the public, infrastructure and institutions,” he stated during a meeting with security teams from Juja, Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Thika East, Thika West and Ruiru Sub-counties in Thika on Tuesday, January 7.

Nuno then turned to rogue police officers noting that their days were numbered and that disciplinary action would be taken against them.

His sentiments came after a female police officer was arrested on Saturday, January 4, for breaking into an alcoholic manufacturing plant in Thika and together with accomplices stole alcoholic drinks valued at Ksh3 million.

Another officer was arrested while logging and had since been charged in court.

“We shall not a cover-up for individual officers who are turning against the members of the public to commit a crime. Once the court process is over, administrative actions will be taken against them,” he concluded.

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