Jalang'o Gives Up 600 Pairs of Designer Shoes in Kind Gesture

  • Media personality Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang'o, touched the hearts of many of his fans when he announced that he would donate over 600 pairs of his expensive shoes to the less fortunate.

    On Thursday, January 9, the Milele FM presenter, via Instagram, stated that the donation would take place via a fans lunch dubbed Jalas Fun Lunch 2020. 

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the comedian expressed his joy in giving back to society.

    Comedian Jalang'o (in maroon suit) poses for a photo with some of the people who attended his wedding in October 2019

    "I am so happy that I can help someone out there. This is something I usually do from time to time," Jalang'o affirmed. 

    The comedian's philanthropic gestures have been in the spotlight, as he works towards uplifting lives and assisting the needy. 

    Every year, through the Funs Lunch program, the presenter interacts with his fans and gifts them an assortment of goodies.

    Jalang'o is one of the countries highest-paid emcees and radio presenters. 

    The businessman's humble personality won him a 7-year lucrative, as narrated in one of his A Story A Day features on YouTube.

    He recalled meeting a man who wanted him to mentor his daughter to become a professional actress. He had earlier on thought of dismissing him but took up the responsibility. 

    Two years after training her, he met the man at an interview which he went to pass as the man was part of the recruitment panel.

    "Whenever you meet someone, treat them the best way possible. Don't look down on anyone. Just a bit of arrogance can cost you. You never know who you are talking to," Jalang'o opined. 

    Jalang'o's Instagram post on Friday, January 10