Citizen TV's Willis Raburu Opens Up on Heartbreak After Losing Child

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu, on Saturday, January 11, opened up about how he was dealing with the heartache of losing a child.

Through a series of Instagram posts, the versatile journalist, entertainer and news anchor disclosed that he had resorted to writing as a self-therapy for grief.

He further explained that as a creative person, if he failed to write about his experience, he would most likely sink deeper into depression.

"I used to take some things for granted like walking with a bounce on your step and having a good day or a good night's sleep, or having the ability to smile without feeling guilty.

"These are the pages of my life, I am a creative, so to heal, sometimes I have to write and I have to share because that's just how I know how to deal with. If I don't, then I close myself and I can sink into depression and angst can take over," he stated.

He further noted that he used to wonder how people channeled their pain through writing but has since taken up American media mogul Oprah Winfrey's advice on how writing can be therapeutic.

"You know when Tyler Perry said that he heard Oprah say that 'writing is therapeutic', I thought, 'how can this be?' How can putting your feelings down be helpful?

"I tell you what though, it is imperative that you find an outlet to deal with your pain and one day when we are ready, we will share our whole story," he continued.

On Friday, January 3, the10 Over 10 host took to social media to announce he would be taking a break from his duties to help his wife, Marya Prude, uplift her spirit following the tragic incident.

They lost their daughter whom they had been expecting after being married for nearly 3 years. 

Raburu and Marya are famous for their Vlog dubbed Lit To Be Fit on YouTube.