3 Teachers Killed in Garissa Al-Shabaab Attack

  • Three people were on Monday, January 13 shot dead in a suspected terrorist attack in Garissa County.

    The early morning attack saw suspected Al-Shabaab militants storm Kamuthe Resource Center before opening fire.

    All three killed were non-local teachers at the institution.

    File image of Al-Shabaab militants in a training exercise

    Kamuthe Resource Centre is an educational institution located in Fafi Sub-County in Garissa.

    A police report confirmed that the terrorists began the attack at Kamuthe Police Post at 2:00 AM in the morning.

    They torched sections of the police post and were unsuccessful in trying to bring down a communications mast located nearby.

    Officers from Bura East Police Station responded to reports of the attack despite there being fears of IEDs planted on the road.

    Al-Shabaab have in the past used the tactic to ensure response to various critical situations is hindered.

    “The militants set the police camp on fire and further tried to bring down the communication mast located about three hundred (300) metres away,” the police report read in part.

    Al-Shabaab have in the past targeted non-local teachers in the North Eastern region, causing mass exodus of teachers from particular areas.

    Operations in at least 224 schools in Wajir County, for example, almost ground to a halt in early 2018 as non-local teachers fled after the February 16, 2018 attack that saw two non-Muslim teachers killed.

    The heinous attack comes barely a week after Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a military base at Manda Bay, Lamu County.

    The attack on the base shared by the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and the US Army left three US service-members dead.

    An aerial view of a Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC 63) heading towards Manda Bay Kenyan Naval training area in Kenya, Africa
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