Governor Wa-Iria Sounds Harsh Warning to Ruto's Allies [VIDEO]

Murang'a Governor Mwangi wa-Iria on Monday, January 13, took on Deputy President William Ruto's allies head-on, after he claimed that they were disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Wa-Iria, who was speaking after issuing bursaries to over 1,000 needy students who were set to join secondary schools, warned the leaders against disrespecting the president on his tuff.

He further claimed that whoever dared do so would have him to contend with as he was 100 per cent behind the presidency.

The county head claimed that leaders who were insulting the president had to be tamed before the issue got out of hand and derailed his development agenda.

"If they are men enough let them try. If it starts today what about two years down the line and there is a seating governor. The president might even think I am against him.

"So I am raising a warning that if you insult him, my people and I will deal with you politically," he warned.

He reiterated that he was not issuing a threat or trying to intimidate anyone but he was not going to sit and watch as the leaders insulting the head of state.

"I am not stopping anyone from doing anything but I have given the curve, do it but leave the president out of it and if you try it, try it tomorrow because there are some people who think they are everything here," the governor went on.

The governor's remarks came after heightened political tension in the Mt Kenya region with most of it emanating from politicians with his county.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome held a presser in the recent past where she claimed that President Kenyatta intended to use the BBI process to cling to power beyond 2022.

Ndindi Nyoro who is the Kiharu legislator is known for his fierce defence of  Deputy President William Ruto and in the process, rubbing some of his nemesis the wrong way.