6 Media Celebrities Who are Not From Where You Thought

  • Kenyans have over the years been treated to rare and unique performances from the various media personalities who have risen to become household names.

    Exposure to these talented Kenyans over long periods of time makes audiences associate the personalities with the characters they portray.

    This is amplified by the fact that a number of local actors have adopted stereotypical personas of various tribes in Kenya for their comedic effect.

    David Mwabili

    Citizen TV's Inspekta Mwala actor David Mwabili.

    A veteran in the entertainment industry, Mwala goes down as one of the most emulated personalities to ever grace Kenya's comic scene.

    Famed from his Vitimbi days, the Inspekta Mwala actor is mistaken by many to be from Eastern Kenya mainly because of the Kamba accent he employs as his tool of trade.

    In an interview on Hot 96 with Jeff Koinange and Felix Jalang'o in 2017, Mwala revealed that he was actually from Coast.

    "I am Taita by birth, and Kamba by profession," Mwala stated.

    Francis Njenga

    He is better known as Mogaka, his stage game in a popular KBC production. 

    He established himself as one of the funniest actors in Kenya's entertainment industry, and a darling to many the TV and radio audiences.

    By perfectly nailing the stereotypical Kisii accent, the former Vitimbi actor appears to many as hailing from Nyanza, however, that is just an act.

    Njenga had a stint living in Sotik Town in Bomet County, which borders Nyamira County, an experience that enabled him to learn the Gusii language and accent.

    KBC's Vitimbi former actors Francis Njenga and Eunice Wambui.

    Eunice Wambui

    Eunice Wambui is famed for her TV role as Nyasuguta, a woman from Kisii and wife to Mogaka in the legendary TV drama Vitimbi that aired on national broadcaster KBC.

    Her near-perfect Kisii accent, which she continues to employ, has led many Kenyans to believe that she belongs to the Kisii community. 

    Sande Bush

    Popularly known as Dr Ofweneke, the comedian has established himself as a prominent figure in Kenya's comedy industry as one of the best comedians.

    His near-perfect imitation of the Nigerian accent has for a long time had Kenyans believing he is from Nigeria.

    In an interview with Ebru TV on November 1, 2017, Ofweneke revealed that he was not a Nigerian and had never even visited the country. Born Sande Bush, Ofweneke belongs to Western Kenya's Luhya community.

    KTN's Thursday Night Live show host Sande Bush.

    Nyamari Ongegu

    Nyamari Ongegu, Nyashinski is one of Kenya's biggest artists, making a name for himself first as part of the Kleptomaniax rap trio and later as a solo star.

    Popularly known by his stage name, Nyashinski, few Kenyans actually know where the award-winning artist hails from let alone his real name. 

    He is from Nyanza.

    Musician Nyamari Ongegu, alias Nyashinski.

    Hiram Mungai

    Twenty-something year-olds who grew up watching Vioja Mahakamani on KBC know one of the most sensational and striking characters from the show was Ondiek Nyuka-Kwota, a shrewd and controversial businessman.

    Many Kenyans easily identified him with Nyanza, his imitation of the Luo-Nyanza accent and the stereotypical 'arrogance' of his character led Kenyans to believe he was from the region. 

    Nyuka-Kwota's real name is Hiram Mungai.

    Hiram Mungai, Peter Sankale, and Mathias Keya when they bagged a Kalasha award for best comedy of the year 2017 with Hullabaloo that airs on Maisha Magic.