How I Struck Youtube Gold With Gossip - Edgar Obare Reveals

  • Edgar Obare is one of the country's most recognisable Youtube personalities, having made a name for himself with entertainment content that has garnered him a massive following.

    His channel has established itself as the go-to for many Kenyans seeking to catch up with the latest celebrity gossip.

    In an exclusive interview with on Wednesday, January 15, Obare revealed there was more to him than the gossip videos colloquially referred to as 'tea', speaking on his journey so far.

    File photo of Edgar Obare

    Unknown to many, Obare is a technology guru and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

    "I did my undergraduate in Information Systems and Technology at USIU [United States International University-Africa] before going to Italy where I did my Masters in Computer Science," he disclosed.

    After graduation in 2019, a leg injury left Obare struggling to get around despite his desire to apply for various opportunities and go for job interviews.

    "I broke my leg in a skiing accident," he intimated, revealing that he started making videos while recuperating at home.

    Obare experimented with various content types and formats including reactions and story vlogs but eventually realised his audience gravitated towards investigative gossip videos.

    Although he still creates different types of videos, Obare's BNN segment which focuses on breaking down celebrity gossip stories complete with exclusive screenshots and audio notes has proved the most popular.

    Responding to critics who claim that he offers people a platform to lie about others, Obare emphasised his independence, objectivity and insistence on evidence being provided for tip-offs.

    "It is easy to lie about someone but you have to go to great lengths to make up proof.

    "My followers know me, I ask for evidence and they know I can turn against them if they lie. And I also know who they are," he explained, noting he did not simply post tip-offs from random faceless accounts.

    His exposés which delve into the personal lives of high-profile Kenyan celebrities have seen Obare threatened and harassed online.

    "Of course I've received threatening messages online and sometimes people warn me that some people are planning something, but no one has pulled up on me," he confirmed.

    Obare noted that he took such threats seriously and always tried to be cautious and mindful of legal obligations.

    With his platform growing fast, the vlogger confirmed that he planned on expanding the operation to keep producing quality content.

    "The next step is to start a company, hire people and put proper structures in place. I'll continue to tell Kenyan stories," he asserted.

    File photo of Edgar Obare
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