Ruto Ally at Centre of Kidney Smuggling Saga

A member of the National Assembly allied to Deputy President William Ruto has been roped into a kidney smuggling ring involving his medical company, Mediheal Group of Hospitals.

According to a report by The Standard, Kesses MP Swarup Mishra, on the evening of Friday, January 17, vehemently denied the claims doing rounds on social media.

He claimed that the criticism was being peddled by a section of politicians in the country out to ruin his name with the hopes of taking his seat in 2022.

He further stated that the attack was aimed at making him part with some money to bloggers and threatened to resign as an MP if his attackers proceeded with the onslaught.

"I will resign if I see social media attacks again. I don’t care! They believe that I will give them money when they insult me on social media.

“If you don’t want Mishra, tell me in a nice Kalenjin word and I will respond momii ng’ala, otestai (there is no problem, you can continue my work),” he continued.

The hospital had been accused of smuggling the body parts to Kenya from other centres in Nigeria, Malawi, and India.

He also noted that he could still carry on with projects in his constituencies even after he resigns as an MP and that the detractors would not halt his resolve.

“You think I can’t help people without an elective position? I need no MP seat to assist people. Those fighting me want to kill medical technology and medicine in this country,” he added.

The hospital came under sharp criticism in November 2019 after hiring Prem Kumar Gokul as its vice president.

Critics claimed that the vice president had a record of engaging in the trade of body parts in other countries.

“We have tried so hard to bring kidney transplant, neurosurgery and spine surgery medication to residents of Eldoret town yet someone from Kaplelach in Kesses is here busy peddling lies that Mishra is doing human organ trafficking. If you want my position no problem, I will resign and let you be, I don’t care,” he added.

Mishra also serves as the vice-chairman of the Health Committee in the National Assembly.

The lawmaker speaks highly of the deputy president including the intimate revelation that it was Ruto's call to him in 2017 that led him to quit alcohol.

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