Jeff Koinange Rivets Kenyans After 'Flying Plane' for 1 Hour

  • Citizen TV anchor Jeff Koinange on Sunday, January 19, stirred some hearts after posting a photo of him inside the cockpit of an airborne aircraft.

    In a photo published on his social media channels, the eloquent anchor is seen in a jovial mood with his hands on what appears to be the aircraft controls while donning aviation headsets, something that led Kenyans online to speculate that he was flying the helicopter. 

    He accompanied the image with a caption announcing that he had completed a one-hour flight to a destination he described as paradise. 

    "An hour's flight from Nairobi is a place that can only be described as paradise! Northern Rangelands Trust is changing lives with an elephant sanctuary run by locals and bead-making by Samburu women for overseas markets," shared Koinange.

    Jeff Koinange photograph taking pictures of rangers and young elephants at Northern Rangelands Trust on Sunday, January 19, 2020.

    The anchor also shared photos of himself at the orphanage and separately, with the bead-making women during the trip.

    Kenyans were both fascinated to learn that the media personality, despite all his other accomplishments and talents, had developed a knack for flying, albeit unconfirmed.

    "Ooh my... You mean Koinange Jeff you can fly an aircraft?" shared Felix Magut.

    "Koinange Jeff you should tag me along next time I want to share the fun," requested Sheena Edwards.

    Others got cheeky over the anchors 'smoooookin' slogan and advised the plane's management to ensure that there was a constant 'no smoking sign' when the anchor takes to the sky.

    "The aircraft had to have a notice next to Jeff of 'No Smoking'," reminded a Twitter user.

    "Hahaha Jeff, they wrote No Smoking coz they knew your presence could lead to Smooking!" another one chimed in.

    That was, however, not the first Koinange has been part of an aircraft crew - as it seemed. In fact, early in his illustrious career, Jeff worked as a flight attendant for the now-defunct Pan-American Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, where he would discover his golden voice as an announcer and subsequently nudged into broadcast journalism.  

    While appearing on Churchill Show in September 2017, the revered news anchor explained that he perfected his voice during his tenure as a flight attendant.

    He was still in his 20s at the time and the first day on the job, he impressed with his announcement on the aircraft so much that his seniors advised him to take his voice seriously.