Exclusive Details of KTN's New Show to Rival Citizen TV

  • The media industry is a vigorously changing landscape and for a few months now, KTN has been prepping a gospel show whose cast describes as a one-of-a-kind package.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, former Tukuza show host Fredrick Ngatia, popularly known as DJ Krowbar, revealed that the show, whose name he withheld, is set to air every Sunday from 7 a.m. till 12 noon. It will be hosted by celebrated Tukuza show host Anthony Ndiema known for the My Testimony segment, Krowbar and Tendereza show hosts Stella Kareo and Deejay G-jo.

    The gospel show, which shares the same time slot as Citizen TV's Gospel Sunday, is slated to kick off on Sunday, February 2, after several rigorous months of preparation.

    He explained that the show will stand out from the array of similar programmes on other broadcasters because it would air live on two stations simultaneously, KTN Home and KTN Burudani channels - both owned by Standard Group PLC.

    The hosts of the upcoming show from left: Anthony Ndiema, DJ Krowbar, Stella Kareo and DJ G-jo.

    "When I came back from South Africa, I had a fruitful meeting with the production team. It has been in preparation for a few months now.

    "It is a gospel-themed show but not your average one. It is a simulcast show meaning it will air on two stations at the same time. It will be the first entertainment show to achieve that feat," he stated.

    Gospel has for years ranked as the best paying and most successful section of the Music Industry and TV stations across the country have not hesitated to share in the success.

    Citizen TV has ensured that it remains a leader in attracting Christian audiences and made a major overhaul of its Sunday Morning programming which led to the scrapping of Kubamba show in 2017.

    The show was later replaced with Bambika which brought onboard musician-academic Holy Dave alongside DJ Gee Gee, Kambua, Laura Karwirwa and Timeless Noel while retaining the umbrella name, Gospel Sunday, a steady 6-hour show of Gospel goodness that begins at 6 a.m. with Rauka and a live church service. 

    Other stations also followed suit and polished their Sunday morning line ups by hiring some of the top players in the Gospel Industry. For Crossover 101, NTV contracted Sammy Muraya known to many as DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa. 

    The hosts of the KTN's new gospel show have also had illustrious careers. Ndiema kicked off his career at Baraka FM in Mombasa before moving to Radio Maisha in 2010. He diligently rose through the ranks to become the head of programming at the station before making a debut on TV.

    Kareo is a respected Gospel musician with numerous hits under her belt including Come to Praise while DJ G-jo has served as a resident DJ at Nation Media Group since 2014. 

    KTN's new show hosts from left: Stella Kareo, DJ Krowbar, Anthony Ndiema and DJ G-jo at a roundtable that appeared in there new show's promo.