Joey Muthengi Narrates Struggle of Working With Brother at Citizen TV

  • Capital FM Presenter Joey Muthengi on Wednesday, January 22, gave a narration of how awkward it was working with her brother, Citizen TV presenter David Muthengi (Holy Dave) at the station.

    Speaking during a show titled 'We need to talk' that was launched by Joey on her Instagram page, the siblings narrated their experiences working in the same workplace, but in extremely dissimilar roles.

    "We both worked at Citizen TV at the same time. I was encouraging ratchetness on Fridays and he would be praising the Lord on Sundays," Joey stated.

    "We were doing two of the biggest entertainment shows in Kenya. Joey's was on one extreme while mine was on the other extreme. It was weird but we rarely bumped into each other at work," Holy Dave weighed in.

    Holy Dave holding up one of the solar lamps distributed to rural areas under his Give A Light Initiative.

    In addition, the duo gave an account of their life while growing up and their accomplishments so far.

    "As a child, I was the naughty type, always breaking the rules in the family and I was always trying to get Joey to do the same," David stated as Joey jumped in and added that she was a tomboy.

    Joey, who left Citizen TV and rejoined Capital FM as a presenter, disclosed that she was the least educated in her family, stating that her siblings were more learned.

    "We have a couple of PHD's in my family and a bunch of masters. I am the least educated in my life with a Bachelor's degree," Joey stated.

    The two have three more siblings, all of whom have excelled in academia.

    "My dad is a professor, my mum has a masters, my elder sister, and our firstborn, Eunice, has a PhD in Public Health, my brother Mumo has a Harvard MBA, my other sister, Grace, has an MBA as well, then Joey who has a degree in business communication," David stated.

    Having come from a family of scholars, the Bambika show host alongside her sister started the Muthengi Foundation back in 2014, as a way for them to give back to society.

    "We raise support for education-related needs. We raise money for different things as long as it touches on education," he stated.

    Joey has joined journalists like former radio presenter Caroline Mutuko and K24 news anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga, who have started their own online shows.

    Speaking to on Wednesday, Holy Dave stated that Joey was starting a series of interviews, where she would talk to various people in the industry.

    "She started the interview with me and she is still testing the waters to see how it will go," he concluded.

    Below is a video;