Uhuru's New Point Man in Mt Kenya

  • For a while now, the Mt Kenya region has emerged as a region to watch after it got marred by supremacy wars with some extreme cases pitting Deputy President William Ruto's allies against his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta's supporters.

    Before Ruto's allies unexpected change of tune to support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) in the past week, Mt Kenya had been a political battleground between two pacts in Jubilee, Kiekleweke and Tangatanga.

    It, however, first emerged that there was a tectonic shift in the leadership of the region during the burial of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua's mother on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

    Rumours became awash that Kieni MP Kanini Kega was fast emerging as Uhuru's point man in the region after he sent him with a donation to the funeral, ignoring protocol that would in an ideal situation make Ruto, who was in attendance, the most suitable bearer of the gift.

    Kieni MP Kanini Kega who is considered President Uhuru Kenyatta's Mt Kenya's pointman.

    “I happened to meet the president at the Coast and he said since he would not be able to attend the funeral, I should convey his condolences. He also sent me to bring Ksh500,000. I have topped that with Ksh100,000,” stated Kega during the funeral.

    The gesture would later culminate into a push and pull between the two Jubilee factions over the president's relationship with his deputy, with many arguing that there was a huge rift.

    “You all know that there is only one person in Kenya who was sworn in to deputise the president. And I will do that diligently. Everybody should do their job. If you are working at a hospital, do that. If you are a watchman or ward representative, do your job. Let us respect one another,” Ruto stated during the funeral.

    Kega's new title became apparent on Saturday, January 25, when the lawmaker was invited on stage during the BBI Mombasa rally to give a speech on behalf of the Mt Kenya region.

    “We welcome you to Mt Kenya. You know we respect President Kenyatta and Baba (Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga). We want to change from a Ferrari government to a matatu government so that all have seats,” stated Kega.

    Nation, in its Sunday, January 26, report, observed that Kega played a very critical role in helping Uhuru reclaim his grip of the Mt Kenya region.

    “What is in the Vatican is what you will find in the village church. That is Mt Kenya. We respect the president and his decision on the handshake with Raila and BBI. We will follow whatever he says,” the outspoken lawmaker told the publication of his support for Uhuru.

    On Sunday, January 19, the president also sent Kega with a donation of 1.5 million to the funeral of Bishop Lawrence Kariuki of Full Gospel Churches of Kenya ( FGCK) who passed on last week after succumbing to injuries inflicted when he was involved in an accident last year. 

    "Hon. Kimari (Mathioya MP) joined me in delivering the message of condolence from H.E. The President who sent me also with his personal donation of Kes 1.5 Million towards offsetting the huge hospital bill... RIP Bishop and regional overseer in Nyeri, Muranga, Nyandarua and to Marsabit," shared Kega.

    DP William Ruto joins mourners at the burial of the mother of Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua on Tuesday, January 7.