How Selina Actor Was Cheated Out of a House by 'KU Deputy Vice-Chancellor'

  • Everybody always has that notion that they can not be cheated out of money until they actually fall victim to a scam. In most instances, it is by business partners, friends, service vendors, and many others.

    In an interview with Youtube channel Janjaruka, actor and musician Pascal Tokodi conceded to falling victim to an online house-hunting scam. He wanted to move, so he sought a beautiful house, within a beautiful neighbourhood.

    Tokodi came across a website that advertised a really nice house, and immediately he knew he wanted the house, even contacted the 'owner' whose contact was listed on the page.

    "I was looking for houses online. I found this amazing house, it was in a beautiful neighbourhood in Karen. I called the guy, lovely old man, I even talked to the wife," Tokodi narrated.

    Selina actor Pascal Tokodi

    Apparently, there was another person who had booked the house yet to make a payment, and since the Selena actor badly wanted the residence, it sparked a bidding war - unbeknownst to him, he was bidding against himself.

    "He told me the house had been taken already but the guy hasn't confirmed in like two weeks. I asked him how much more I can offer so that I can get the house. He said the number and so I sent him the money," Tokodi recounted.

    The Sitaki hitmaker was unsuspicious of the transactions, noting that the proprietor of the house had done well in selling him credibility. He had identified himself as deputy vice-chancellor at Kenyatta University and his wife was retired.

    After the payment. Tokodi asked to view the house, which they agreed to and even offered to facilitate the entire process.

    However, another hiccup would then ensue when he got to the meeting point.

    "When I asked to view the house, he told me to get prepared and they would send a driver to pick me up. I told him there was no need so we agreed on a meeting point," Tokodi narrated.

    "When I got there he told me the first guy has sent more money. I countered so that I could get the house and I sent more cash. I haven't met him yet... Then he told me that the wife would come to pick me up," he recounted.

    After hours of waiting, he decided to call and no one would answer the phone. Later on, a woman picked up and asked who it was. This was a surprise to Tokodi since he knew he had talked with them previously, and several times that day. So a question of his identity came as a shock to him.

    It had now dawned on him that he had been duped. An attempt to reverse the money was unsuccessful since the money had already been withdrawn.

    Selina actors Pascal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi during a special screening event on March 29, 2019.

    Tokodi sought help from a close friend and later his father in tracking the person.

    "I sought help from a close friend. We managed to track the number and we pinpointed his location to Umoja. I texted him, told him I knew where he was. Surprisingly he talked tough to me yet it was my money," Tokodi narrated.

    "I also sent my father the guys' details, so he could try and help me locate him," he added.

    Tokodi, however, decided to forgive the person, noting that the incident was a major wake up call to him. 

    He revealed that when he visited the page again, the house was still there with the same contact details. He had tried to call the number on two occasions and it did not go through, but a look at page reminded him of how easily he had been cheated out of a lot of money.

    "I woke up fresh. The money was gone, I couldn't take it back. I have no ill wish towards the guy. I just hope it helped him. Money can always be found, but an experience is something to learn from," Tokodi conceded.

    "I still go to the page, the number is still there, the house is still there. I never have the courage to push it. I tried the number twice, it didn't go through, but it is still there. Sometimes I just think back and laugh. They sounded so genuine," he added.

    He joins a list of celebrities who have conceded to being scammed in the past.