6 Sensational Actresses on Kenya's TV Arena

  • Kenya's television arena has been graced by several celebrities, playing different roles in different acts. However, a number have managed to establish themselves as household names in the industry.

    In this piece, Kenyans.co.ke took a dive into the pool to identify six actresses, who throughout their stints on national television, have appealed to viewers.

    Their personalities, or rather the roles they play in their respective shows,leaves their fans amazed ensuring they can't wait for the next episode.

    Celestine Gachuhi

    Maisha Magic East's Selina actor Celestine Gachuhi (R).

    Young, beautiful and innocent as she appears on TV, Celestine Gachuhi is a lead character in one of the most-watched telenovelas in the country, Selina which airs on Maisha Magic East.

    In the TV series, she plays Selina, a naive but intelligent young woman, who had just excelled in her Form Four exams and is University-bound.

    However, her stepmother had different plans for her. She was sold off to work as a house help for a rich family, complicating her dream to pursue education. 

    Selina, however, finds favour in the eyes of her employers for having a golden touch. Her role on TV seems to have rubbed off on people as she has become a household name in the industry.

    Prior to the Selina role, she had previously featured in a Gikuyu play, Gwa Cibu (At the chief’s) as Waceke, and  Uriru wa wendo (Wonders of love) as Stess, both on Ken TV.

    Celestine boasts many talents, among them singing, modelling and she is also a beautician.

    Brenda Wairimu

    Famed for her infectious and charming roles on tv, Brenda Wairimu is one of the most adored actresses on the Kenyan entertainment scene.

    Though featuring in a number of other prior acts, her role in MTV blockbuster, Shuga, thrust her into the limelight, and a subsequent feat in Mali made her a household name.

    Stock photo of Selina, Subira, Mali, and Shuga actress Brenda Wairimu.

    Wairimu also featured in Maisha Magic East telenovela, Selina, as Rosette.

    She was a cast in award-winning film, Subira, as a young girl groomed to adhere to orthodox Muslim tradition, and learned to make a good wife, letting go of her dreams. The film was a huge success in Europe, and in the world, winning over 15 awards including an Oscar nomination in 2019.

    Catherine Kamau

    Catherine Kamau became a darling to many when she featured on Citizen TV local drama, Mother in Law, where she played Selina

    She was also a lead actor in comedy-drama series, Sue na Jonnie, which aired on Maisha Magic East and also in local drama, Hullaballoo Estate.

    Let alone the beauty, her roles on TV have resonated well with viewers, establishing her as a prominent name in the acting scene. 

    The Makerere University alumni who identifies herself as an actor, a social media influencer and an emcee, is known by members of the public for being a brand ambassador for Harpic.

    Mother in Law and Sue na Jonnie actress Catherine Kamau.

    Bridget Shighadi

    Bridget has established herself as a household name for her role in Citizen TV drama series, Maria. The series has kept millions of Kenyans glued to their seats every weekday evening and has produced some of the most brilliant cast members that many Kenyans have come to love and admire.

    She plays Sophia, the antagonist in the series. Beautiful, mean and vengeful are words that could best describe her character in the film. 

    Sophia is very daring, always plotting and goes for what she wants, she’s cunning, evil, and would do anything to get her way.

    In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke, Bridget described herself as quite reserved. She is an introvert, confident though, but soft-spoken.

    Maria actress Bridget Shighadi.

    Sarah Hassan

    Sarah Hassan was first thrust into the big screen when she featured one of Kenya's most-watched and longest-running TV comedy-drama series,Tahidi High, which airs on Citizen TV, as Tanya.

    Being of Somali descent, her beauty, and humble character appealed to viewers, instantly establishing her as a darling and fan favourite.

    Besides her acting career, She is also a show host. Sarah hosted, Sakata Mashariki on Citizen TV and later the, Wedding Show, which appealed to many, having them glued to the TV whenever it aired.

    Actress and TV show host Sarah Hassan.

    Yasmin Said

    Yasmin Said has established herself as a darling to many for her role in Citizen TV's drama seriesMaria. She plays the lead protagonist and star, Maria, a tomboy from the ghetto who lives with a rich family.

    However, Maria falls in love with one of the sons in her new-found family, Luwi, played by (Brian Ogana), who is married to Sophia, (Bridget Shighadi) in the series. 

    Out of his love for her, Luwi, a drunkard, contemplates divorcing Sophia to be with Maria. 

    Airing every weekday evening, the series has commandeered overwhelming support from members of the public, even making its way into day-to-day small talk.

    Yasmin's role as Maria,resonates with a majority of the show's viewer's, especially because of her grass to grace story. 

    Citizen TV's Maria actress Yasmin Said.