Ferdinand Waititu Impeached

The Senate on Wednesday, January 29 voted to impeach Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

A majority of the senators voted in support of removing Waititu from office over allegations of corruption, gross misconduct and abuse of office.

They voted against Waititu on three charges; Violation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Crimes under the national Law and Abuse of office/ Gross Misconduct. The tallies for the three separate votes were 23 against 13, 28 against 11 and 27 against 11.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday, January 29

Waititu had been accused of corruption and abuse of office by members of the Kiambu County Assembly who initiated impeachment proceedings against him on December 19, 2019.

Legal teams representing the County Assembly and the Governor had argued their case on the Senate floor since Tuesday, January 28.

Waititu was accused of, among other things, misappropriating county funds and grabbing land from a widow.

On his part, Waititu claimed his team was not given an opportunity to present evidence proving his innocence.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, however, argued that Waititu failed to provide the supposed evidence on time.

"Senate had rejected Waititu's plea to file evidence out of time as he was requesting. He has not filed any defence and he waited for all the matters to be raised for him to want to open the case afresh. The people of Kiambu and Kenyans need justice. Waititu must face the full force of the law. No thief should go unpunished," Mwaura shared on social media.

In his spirited defense to the Senate, Waititu had maintained that he was not corrupt as he urged the Senators to be impartial in their ruling.

He further accused his deputy Governor James Nyoro of actively working to undermine him and have him impeached.

Waititu asked the senators to 'do as they would want to be done to them'.

"The evidence may have been skewed to oust me from my seat. Some witnesses were to be called to the stand, but I have never seen them, It would have been great if they would have been cross-examined. Some people testifying against me were employed by my deputy Nyoro illegally. He has employed over 50 people. 

"Mr Speaker, I urge this house that justice is served to all governors who will ever visit this house. There was no evidence adduced before you to suggest that I was given any kick-back in the tenders they claim I issued. These projects were not being done in one financial year and they were for the benefit of Kiambu people. 

"You should not allow liars to appear before the senate. My deputy governor has been going everywhere telling everyone he is a doctor, yet he does not have a PhD. The Senate should teach the people of Kiambu a lesson on telling the truth. Protect your legacy so that the people looking up to you can learn more," he asserted.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on the floor of the Senate on Monday, January 28

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