Airtel Announces Best Data Prices to Woo More Customers

Airtel Kenya is back with a brand new offer that could have other telecommunication giants quivering.

The company won the hearts of its customers once again with a brand new out of bundle data offer.

A person using a mobile phone

Customers will now be able to access a simple, no subscription, no expiry, Ksh 1 per 5mb data rate. A rate that translates to just 20 cents per mb of data.

And there’s more. Customers will also be able to call at Ksh 2 per minute by simply dialling *544*2#.

The communications company has also rolled out a brand new #SwitchToAirtel campaign, to create awareness and woo customers to shift from Airtel’s competition and utilise the new rates that have no conditions or expiry dates.

The new rate which makes data services easier to access is part of Airtel’s goal to stamp its mark as the most customer-friendly operator in the country, offering irresistible prices as well as fast and modern 4G network in the country.

Airtel continuously offers its customers the best value for money by meeting their communication needs. The company guarantees so by offering simple, transparent charges with no hidden costs, subscriptions or worries.

“Airtel understands that customers are wary of browsing out of bundle because of the high data costs. To alleviate these concerns, we are now offering all our customers the best in the market out of bundle data rate of Ksh1 per mb,” Airtel’s managing director Prasanta Das Sarma announced in a statement.

“With this rate, customers can browse freely even without a data manager as they need not worry about being charged more. From today, all customers are now accessing the internet on Airtel with the best rates that have no subscriptions and no expiry. Our customers can also enjoy the best call rates of 2 bob per minute by dialling *544*2#.” 

Customers will also be able to call at 2/- bob per minute by simply dialing *544*2#.

Airtel currently has the lowest out of bundle rates in the market at the moment. The market’s prevailing out of bundle rates is Ksh 4.3 per mb, which is 21.5 times higher than Airtel’s 20 cents per mb. 

It means that there should be no cause for concern even after one’s normal data bundle expire as the rates are quite fair.

Airtel announced the new out of bundle rates in early December 2019 and its competition is yet to give the offer a run for their money. 

It also announced in the same event, new amazing data bundles that offer data plus free WhatsApp and have a daily, weekly or monthly validity period. The new revamp offers 100 per cent more data for the same price.