NTV Anchor's Biggest Regret After Interviewing Obama [VIDEO]

  • Meeting the 44th President of US Barrack Obama is a historical fete for many, whether be it before he was in power or after his retirement.

    For NTV anchor, Olive Burrows, interviewing Obama when he toured Kenya in 2015 is a moment to forever cherish. While still at Capital FM, Burrows had the opportunity to sit down with the endeared world leader and prepped herself accordingly, carefully avoiding to write down what she feared would be stupid questions.

    However, despite the interview raising her stature in the media industry, it left her with one of the biggest regrets of her life.

    News anchor, Olive Burrows, in an interview with President Barack Obama in 2015

    In a quickfire interview with NTV, Burrows detailed that she regretted not taking a photo with Obama.

    "If you watch the video, it took a minute for me to regain my composure as I was addressing the leader of the free world. I think I was too aggressive with my first question after he caught me off guard by calling my name. I was like 'Obama knows my name'. But I also forgot to ask for a photo. 

    "My photography team was asking me to go take a photo so that people could believe I really interviewed Obama," Burrows revealed. 

    She further detailed that after the interview, everyone always wants her to disclose some intimate details about Obama.

    "Everybody wants to know what he smells like. I think I lost my sense of smell at that time. I was afraid to stand around him and was afraid to touch him or put my arm around him. So I put it at a distance as I was afraid that the secret service would have narrowed down on me," Barrows detailed, breaking into laughter. 

    In a video by Capital FM in 2015, Burrows gave an insight into how the interview was prepared and executed. 

    "I had planned to start with a House of Cards question. I wanted him to relax, to chill and be more receptive to answer my questions. But he comes in and says 'I'm ready to start now'. This is someone whose time you don't want to waste," the news anchor recalled. 

    "Overall for a novice, as I've been branded, it was good. I'm happy with the interview. I'm so grateful to the Capital FM news team. 

    "This wasn't a one-person effort, everybody came out fully. This was a Capital FM news team project. This was ours, we owned it and I think we killed it," Olive concluded.   

    Before the Interview, Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange (then at KTN) and BBC Africa editor Larry Madowo had placed a bet on who would land an interview with him.

    They both agreed that if either of them got to interview Obama, the loser would have to part with Ksh 100,000. If they both lost, the journalists would add Ksh 20,000 and donate it to charity. 

    Barrows, however, beat them in the game.

    Celebrated news anchors Larry Madowo (left) and Jeff Koinange (right) during a past interview