China Speaks After Video of Kenyan Worker Being Whipped Goes Viral

The Chinese government has broken its silence after a viral video portraying a Chinese national allegedly beating a Kenyan citizen drew condemnation online.

In a statement released on the Chinese Embassy's social media pages on Saturday, February 8, the Chinese government indicated that its attention had been drawn to the clip doing rounds on social media.

The embassy termed the act a violation of the laws of the land and promised to throw their support behind the Kenya police to ensure that the perpetrator was brought to book.

"The Embassy noticed a video clip about a Chinese chef and Kenyan colleague issued by K24 TV today. We support the Kenyan police to investigate the whole issue thoroughly according to Kenyan laws. Whoever violating [sic] the law will face legal consequences," they announced.

Chinese hotel officer caning a Kenyan waiter over allegations of reporting late to work at Chez Wou Restaurant in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.

A huge section of Kenyans, however, took the statement from the Chinese Embassy with a pinch of salt.

"Too soft. This is not just a clip. It is a Chinese national brutalizing a Kenyan national in the most inhuman and racist manner. Instead of unequivocally condemning the criminal you talk of Kenyan laws knowing very well you will arm-twist the Kenyan authorities to have your way," Fils de Dieu posed.

"It's good that you have seen the clip. Kindly talk to all your citizens living in Kenya to decease [sic] from this kind of behavior. Respect is important no matter how much Kenya owes China," Abdi Said added.

"Corporal punishment was banned even in schools. No matter how much we owe China, let them adhere to the laws of the country," Moses Isutsa shared his two-cents.

When the clip was made public by K24 on February 8, the restaurant's owner, Deng, informed that the Chinese chef and the waiter (Simon Aseko Sairo) were just playing, noting the laughter that could be heard in the background.

"They made a bet, one cane for Ksh 300, and so for the two stokes he was paid Ksh 600," Deng stated, adding that the video recording was from three months ago.

Dennis Omogah, the restaurant's manager, also informed that Simon was dismissed for allegedly stealing from the eatery and was using the video to blackmail the owner into paying him off. 

A section of reactions to the statement by the Chinese Embassy on February 8, 2020.


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