Sarah Wairimu in Court to Fight Cohen's Will

  • The drama surrounding Dutch Billionaire Tob Cohen's murder continues six months down the line.

    The Dutch had been reported missing from July 2019 and was later found murdered in his Kitsuru home on September 13, 2019.

    A report by Citizen Digital on Monday, February 10, holds that Sarah Wairimu, his widow who is facing murder charges, claimed that the will presented in court was a forgery.

    Wairimu filed an application on Monday moving the court to cross-examine her sister-in-law, Gabrielle Van Straten, on the same.

    Chege Kirundi, lawyer for the Late Tob Cohen (centre) seated with Bernard Cohen and Gabrielle Cohen.

    The contention in the will that added an extra layer to an already complicated case was that Wairimu was left out. She stood to inherit nothing from the vast estate owned by her deceased husband.

    In the will, Cohen divides his estate among his sister Gabrielle Straten who gets 50% and his nephew and niece who each get 25%.

    Under contestation in the will that was opened September 20, 2019, was a Ksh400 million villa in Kitisuru, as well as two companies: Kenya Gold Safaris and Lotus Care Travel.

    Sarah Cohen and her lawyer Phillip Murgor had declined to attend the will reading.

    Murgor, speaking for his client, voiced doubts on the motives behind the reading claiming that the confidentiality of the will had already been compromised.

    Wairimu and her lawyer had made demands that the authenticity and legality of the will be confirmed by the High Court before it could be accepted. 

    Sarah Wairimu Cohen with her lawyer Philip Murgor in court on September 6, 2019

    Addressing the question of the will and the furor it raised last year, Cliff Ombeta, Gabrielle's lawyer asserted that the charges leveled against Wairimu barred her claims to the estate.

    "That woman is in jail for [allegedly] killing her husband and the law says those with such charges do not have any claims on the estates of the deceased."

    Sarah Wairimu was released from Lang'ata Women's Prison in October 2019 after spending 46 days in remand.