Churchill Show Comedian Returns After Life-Threatening Illness [VIDEO]

  • Daniel Churchill Ndambuki strikes a pose.
    Daniel Churchill Ndambuki strikes a pose.
  • Churchill Show comedian Odhuol Odhuol proved his mettle when he finally made his comeback to the comedy stage. 

    In the popular comedy show aired on March 1, Odhuol was introduced to the stage by Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki, to deafening cheers.

    "I was sick for the 'rest' [sic] of last year from February to early this year January. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, but I am thankful to Churchill, my fellow comedians and you fans who prayed.

    "I also thank God for giving me a second chance to live," he narrated during his set.

    Comedian Othuol Othuol pictured on the set of Churchill Show aired on March 1, 2020.
    Comedian Othuol Othuol pictured on the set of Churchill Show aired on March 1, 2020.

    The rib cracker could not hide the joy of getting back to doing what he loves, and his fans were left in tears as he cracked their ribs with his usual satirical jokes.

    Othuol Othuol's 2019 can only be described as the toughest period of his life, following his diagnosis coupled with chronic depression and drug abuse.

    In a tell-all media interview in December 2019, just a month after he had finished taking his TB medication for a mandatory 6-month-period, the budding comedian gave a candid glimpse into his troubled life away from the spotlight. 

    "I woke up one day and I simply couldn't move. I called my friend Tumbili and asked for his help. I tried to will myself to moving my legs but I just couldn't," he explained.

    "My neighbour, Karis (fellow Churchill Show comedian) came over and together with my wife and Butita, they rushed me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with tuberculosis," he added.

    He was forced to survive on scraps for over 6-months, with his biggest challenge proving to be finding a way to feed his family in his sickly state.

    Othuol Othuol in his element during a Churchill Show back in 2018.
    Othuol Othuol in his element during a Churchill Show back in 2018.

    Many of his fans tried to send whatever they could but he was needy for so long, that even his closest friends eventually dropped off along the way.

    "When you get into trouble, real trouble, you will lose many friends. I lost a lot of friends I considered as close confidants, including some of my fellow comedians, but that's in the past, Othuol revealed.

    "Sometimes I was actually surprised when I got messages that read 'you have received Ksh 500 from so and so. When I called them wanting to find out if it was a wrong number, I was shocked to find a fan on the other end wishing me well," he went on to confess.

    The comedian also opened up on his battle with alcoholism, which got so bad that he used to trade-in household items such as his gas cylinder, TV and even his phone.

    "It was a tough bad life. It was a very bad disease because you totally lose your self-respect. I used to wake up at 4 a.m. to go and look for those cheap brands of liquor," he stated.

    He then confessed to having gotten to a point where he felt like he couldn't perform on Churchill Show while sober.

    Hitting rock bottom during his illness forced him to re-think his entire life and resolved to quit alcohol, choosing to focus on his personal wellness.

    He marked his complete turn around when he rocked the Churchill Show stage over the weekend in his customary green suit, the clearest indication that the entertainer was well on his way to full recovery.

    Watch Othuol Othuol's making his comeback on the Churchill Show below:

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