Governor Sonko Emerges With Outlandish Covid-19 'Gear' [VIDEO]

  • Nairobi Governor Miko Sonko, on the night of Saturday, March 28, emerged dressed in outlandish gear, as he spoke about the fumigation exercise conducted by Nairobi County health officials across the city in a bid to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

    In a video seen by, the embattled governor was armed in a shiny jungle green outfit, with gloves, a face mask and what appears to be a virtual reality headset.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko dressed in a head and eye massager
    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with a head and eye massager, while making a statement regarding the fumigation exercise in various parts of Nairobi on March 28, 2020.

    We can, however, confirm that the contraption worn by the governor is actually a head and eye massager that costs approximately Ksh 30,000.

    According to an American-based manufacturer of a device similar to what Sonko had donned, it can massage the eyes and head, calm the mind and soothe the nerves.

    “The iDream1260 adopts air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology to massage the regions around your head and eyes (excluding the eye and eyelid).

    It allows you to enjoy peaceful music while massaging, further relaxing your head and eyes," states Breo -the company manufacturing the device, on their website.

    As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads into more countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that preventive gear such as face masks should be left to health workers caring for Covid-9 patients.

    WHO maintains that social distancing and regular & thorough cleaning of hands is still the best meausure to keep the deadly virus at bay.

    Governor Sonko reiterated the importance of the fumigation exercise saying that since most people are indoors it would allow the county and health officials to carry out their tasks unhindered

    "This is a global pandemic. What we are doing is minimising the infections by carrying out the sanitization exercise,” he stated. 

    A boda boda rider in Kibera settlement wearing a face mask handed out by Avido
    A boda boda rider in Kibera settlement wearing a face mask handed out by Avido on, March 22, 2020.

    The governor was in the company of Health CEC Hitan Majevdia  and other health officials as they fumigated key public and trading areas in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

    “We will be in Eastleigh all day today since it is an expansive area with other sections of Nairobi being covered in days to come. We shall not relent until the virus is defeated,” vowed Hitan.

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