NTV Blunder Escalates Bullying of Actress in Viral Dance Challenge

  • File photo of actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya.
    File photo of actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya.
  • Actress, Azziad Nasenya, also a second-year journalism student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication is on the receiving end of criticism following an error made by NTV.

    The 19-year-old was in an interview on the Trend on Friday, April 10, where she revealed that apart from being a student and an actress she was also a content creator. A typo by the media house on a tweet they put out, indicated that she was a journalism student at the Kenya Medical Training Institute (KMTC).

    File image of actress and Tiktoker Azziad Nasenya

    The mixup between KIMC and KMTC had netizens aiming a dig at Nasenya, despite not making the mistake herself.

    "One day when they interview me too, I'll tell them being a KMTC student and a Kamba girl on these streets was not easy," one Faridah asserted.

    "KMTC offering a Journalism course isn't as much the shocker as NTV actually seeing no problem with Azziad studying Journalism at KMTC and going ahead to post it," moniker Shatta stated.

    The Media house, however, came out apologising for the error and asked members of the public to shun the negativity.

    "We clearly got it wrong. Its KIMC and not KMTC as stated earlier. We sincerely apologise to Azziad Nasenya and KMTC for the mix-up," NTV conceded.

    "Azziad Nasenya said KIMC and we were wrong to post KMTC. We apologise for what you had to go through," an apology by the Trend read, further urging Kenyans to be forgiving.

    Several Kenyans took swipes at the medical institute arguing that students from the institution had failed to step up in the fight against Covid-19 because they had a change in courses.

    "I have been wondering why KMTC students are silent on the current pandemic, kumbe they offer journalism and content creating," Collins Marcus stated.

    "I am a journalism student at KMTC, an actor and a content producer. No wonder KMTC students are staying at home," Andrew Yatich added.

    "Thanks, Ntv for making my dreams come true KMTC was my school of choice. I want to be an actor and a journalist," Clinton Milagi critiqued.

    Tweet by NTV on Friday, April 10, 2020.
    Tweet by NTV on Friday, April 10, 2020.

    Nasenya's video for the #UtawezanaChallenge, a dance challenge based on a new single from Femi One and Mejja titled 'Utawezana', has been shared thousands of times since Sunday, April 5, and was an unfortunate recipient of cyberbullying after she voiced her displeasure on her phone number being leaked.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Tuesday, March 7, Kyallo who has herself been a victim of cyber-bulling explained that Kenyans had normalized and cultivated a dangerous culture of hate online.

    "It's not about Azziad alone. It's happening to a lot of people. It could be your daughter or your neighbour. It could even be you. Someone could wake up tomorrow and decide to start saying bad things about you whether or not they're true,

    "Kenyans have normalized this culture of hate. People have normalized hating on anything, bullying, spreading lies. It's normal now," Kyallo observed.

    She noted that while one could attempt to shut out the noise when targeted by cyber-bullies, it was not easy as hurtful messages don't only affect them but those they care about as well.

    "Personally, I've developed a thick skin because I'm used to it. But at the end of the day, we're all human, everyone has feelings.

    "You also don't realize that it also affects the relationships in your life; like family and friends. If you have friends or families who are being victimized online, don't be that person always telling them, 'look, see what they're saying about you or see what they've written about you,'. No, it is your responsibility to protect them if you truly care," she asserted.

    File image of K24 anchor Betty Kyallo
    File image of K24 anchor Betty Kyallo
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