NTV News Anchor- I Was Scared I Had Covid-19 [VIDEO]

  • An image of Dann Mwangi
    NTV news anchor Dann Mwangi at a past event.
  • NTV news anchor Dan Mwangi narrated his Covid-19 scare story after travelling back from New York at the end of February and later on contracted the flu.

    Mwangi left for New York on the 17th of February via Paris, cities which are now hotspots for the disease and jetted back into the country on 23rd of February.

    Speaking to NTV, Mwangi narrated his symptoms that prompted him to go for a test, "It was bad as far as my body felt, I don't know if you have ever heard of someone who has had man flu.

    An image of Dan Mwangi
    NTV news anchor Dan Mwangi and the wife Wangeci Muthaigi walking down the aisle.

    "I have had it a number of times and this time it was worse, since the Coronavirus season. I got sick and had to get a Covid-19 test done."

    Mwangi revealed that he caught the cold form his two and half-year-old daughter on the last week of March but the daughter got better, leaving him with the nasty flu.

    The business news anchor continued to go to work but the flu grew stronger leaving him with a hoarse voice, running nose and backache which he believes he picked from sleeping in an awkward position.

    He decided to go to hospital on Wednesday, April 1 and took a test which revealed that his immune system had taken quite a hit, prompting the doctor to ask him about his travel history. 

    Mwangi was advised to take a Covid-19 test as a precautionary measure, "I went to Kenyatta National Hospital at the Mbagathi branch that is the infectious diseases unit.

    "They told me that they do not conduct tests at night. They further informed me that even if I tested positive, they didn't have the capacity to accommodate extra people in their facility at the time, so they politely asked me to go home and go back in the morning.

    "For me, this was a bit of a red flag because I'm like what if I was actually positive, you don't know how I'm getting home, will I be disciplined enough to stay in isolation, I was fatigued, I was tired, I was drained."

    The following day he went for the test and funny enough, was more nervous about the nasal swab than the results. He then moved into isolation which was challenging as he had to do without coming into contact with his daughter. Ina bot to adapt, he had to do participate in their family prayer devotions via video conferencing.

    Mwangi's results finally came out on the evening of Monday, April 6 but he collected them the following day and was ecstatic when the results revealed he was negative. 

    He raised his misgivings about the loopholes in the fight against Covid-19, talking of how he was turned away from KNH. He also expressed concern for people who can't afford the luxury of staying away from work as he did.