Maina Kageni Speaks Out After Hospitalisation Claims

  • Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni.
    Classic FM presenter Maina Kageni.
  • Veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni, on Sunday, April 19, spoke out following rumours that he had been admitted to Nairobi Hospital following a bout of illness.

    News of his alleged illness was published by several publications and soon went viral, with his colleague Mike Mondo quoted as the source.

    "I'm ok, guys. I just came in for tests after throwing up last about to go for my CT scan then I head home...thanks for the concern and prayers...I love you very much!!!!! #SioCorona!," he posted.

    Classic FM presenter Mike Mondo.
    Classic FM presenter Mike Mondo.

    On his part, Mondo, blasted Citizen Digital's eDaily publication for running what he described as a fake story touching on his colleague Maina Kageni.

    Speaking during a live broadcast on his Instagram page, the media personality was visibly angered by the story.

    "Maina is fine, Maina is ok. Do these articles go through editors for fact-checking before they are even published. Maina is ok. Let's stop these stories tafadhali (please)," he stated.

    He then went on to demand that the broadcaster pulls down their article as well as their tweets on the story.

    "Someone took what I said out of context, wrote a story and put it up without seeking clarification. Why would anyone do that?" he posed.

    eDaily had published a story claiming that Kageni was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital.

    Prior to Maina's post on Twitter, Mondo in his livestream confirmed that he had called the revered Classic FM presenter who acknowledged the misunderstanding that led to the publication of the story.

    "Maina Is okay. Please stop spreading rumors. I am very disappointed by Citizen TV for doing this," he further reiterated.

    The news report that was carried by a number of publications stated that Kageni had been sick for a while and Mondo was covering the veteran presenter's morning show during his period of ailment.

    "They wrote that story just because I said I was covering for Maina. I'm even getting a headache. Journalistic responsibility dictates that you verify the information before you post anything," he stated. 

    A screengrab of Mike Mondo blasting Citizen TV over the fake post, April 19, 2020.
    A screengrab of Mike Mondo blasting Citizen TV over the fake post, April 19, 2020.