50 Escape From Nairobi Quarantine Facility[VIDEO]

A medical personnel holding a Covid-19 virus test kit.
File image of a Covid-19 testing kit.

50 Individuals who were arrested Friday, April 17th for breaking curfew guidelines and taken into forced quarantine at the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Nairobi managed to escape on the night of Monday, April 20. 

The individuals are said to have lamented about the daily Ksh2,000 fee which they claimed they could not afford, something that fuelled their daring escape. 

According to a source who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke on condition of anonymity, the individuals escaped the facility shortly after having supper, with their escape only being realised the next morning during breakfast.

A medical practitioner dressed in protective gear at Coronavirus isolation and treatment facility in Mbagathi District Hospital on Friday, March 6, 2020
A medical practitioner dressed in protective gear at Mbagathi District Hospital on Friday, March 6, 2020
Simon Kiragu

''Yesterday we were together during meals with some of them and they were lamenting how expensive it is to pay the Ksh2,000 daily charge. I never knew they were planning to escape, stated the source.

But according to Peter Mwai who was in quarantine at the facility for the 26th day, the individuals might have not really escaped the facility but rather bought their freedom.

''I have been here since March 27, and been seeing individuals come for two to three days and leave after bribing officials in order to be let free, no one even cares to test them.

''There is no way someone can escape this place without the knowledge of officials here. I have seen even some people whom I came with pay for their freedom and let go yet no one has tested them to ascertain their status,'' he claimed.

Mwai lamented that what he had witnessed at the facility was putting the lives of innocent Kenyans at risk even as the Health CS talked tough over the 'indiscipline' of Kenyans.

''This virus is easily transmissible and in this place, we share bathrooms and toilets and it is easy for someone to contract the virus and share it with the outside world as it has an incubation period before manifesting itself,'' he added.

The individuals who escaped the facility are said to have been arrested by police and taken into forced quarantine.

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, however, denied knowledge of the escape when Kenyans.co.ke contacted him for a reply.

''I've not been made aware of such incidence, and can not comment on it,'' stated Oguna.

On Sunday, April 19 Health CAS Mercy Mwagangi reiterated that anyone found disregarding curfew directives would be arrested and taken to mandatory quarantine at their own cost.


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