Exposed: Thugs Patrolling Streets in Police Uniform Arrested [VIDEO]

  • A file image of an armed police officer.
    A file image of an armed police officer.
  • A man in Mombasa who was arrested dressed in police uniform revealed how his gang terrorises residents during the dusk-to-dawn curfew.

    The man who admitted to belonging to a gang of six all operating clad in Administration Police uniform complete with a beret and a jacket.

    A video that surfaced online on Tuesday, April 21, was recorded while the thief was being interrogated by officers in a police cell.

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    He revealed how the gang got their hands on police uniforms, "We are six,  the Probox driver gave me the uniform. I don't have my phone here, I left it in the Probox."

    He also opened up on how they steal from people, "The gang tells me to arrest someone then they rob them. I tell the person to stop, I first start by greeting them then the others come asking for the victim's ID, the person who asks for an ID then steals and goes."

    Insecurity has been on the rise since President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the nationwide curfew on Wednesday, March 25.

    A number of businesses have been broken into as thieves take advantage of curfew to steal while people are in their homes.

    The suspect noted that it was his first operation, "I have only done this today. It is my mates who do this every day, Rama and Rajab, Hamisi do it every day, I know them very well.

    "I am from Mtwapa, I'm just here to visit my girlfriend. I changed to these clothes on the Probox and my clothes are still there. The number plate of the pro box is KCM 147K, white in colour.

    "The Probox always takes me home in the morning and belongs to the driver, we don't rent it. I left my National ID is in my clothes."

    Mombasa Central OCS, Eluid Arumba however, disclosed that he was not aware of the arrest but promised to look into the matter.

    Another video that surfaced online on Thursday, April 9, in Bondeni area of Mombasa County, captured police officers broking into a shop and harassing an attendant during the curfew hour.

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