Pastor Mass Producing Corona Invention After Losing Tithes [VIDEO]

  • An image of Pastor Raphael Ndung'u
    Pastor Raphael Ndung'u Kamau from the Faith Impact Outreach Church in Thika posing for a photo on Sunday, May 17.
  • Pastor Raphael Ndung'u Kamau from Thika, Kiambu County, has innovated a hands-free handwashing system after citing lack of tithes from his congregation.

    The pastor from Faith Impact Outreach Church in Thika partnered with Zebra Glass Works to come up with the handwashing station in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19.

    Speaking at the workshop in Thika, Ndungu revealed that lack of tithes pushed him to innovate the system that has become popular around the county.

    An image of Pastor Ndung'u
    Pastor Raphael Ndung'u Kamau from Faith Impact Outreach Church in Thika posing next to his handwashing system on Sunday, May 17.

    "Since the churches were closed, I have not seen my congregation bringing me tithes or coming to bless me because we were used to meeting in the church.

    "I have tried communicating to them telling them that it's only the doors of the church that were closed, the church is me and you and not where we meet," said the pastor.

    He stated that 'God gave him the idea' of making something that he previously never used to do quoting a verse from the book of Romans.

    "There is a machine that I have innovated that enables one to wash hands without touching the machine because you step on a pedal to dispense soap and the right pedal opens the tap," narrated the pastor.

    Ndung'u went on to note that just like Paul who in the book of Acts 18 was a preacher and that's why he was called an apostle but doubled up as a tentmaker, a job that did not deter him from preaching.

    A friend of his who visited his workshop connected him to Murang'a Governor Mwangi wa Iria who was impressed with the innovation and used it in the commissioning of the new ICU facility in the county that was constructed in 21 days.

    The pastor doubles as the owner of Zebra Glass Works after forming it back in 1998 with a handwashing unit from the workshop costing Ksh. 20,000.

    The pastor also revealed that back in 2002 he had the idea of making a glass pulpit, with his first being acquired by Bishop Magret Wanjiru.

    Alice Nyambura also a worker at the workshop noted that they were lucky because of the pastor's idea of innovating the machine meant for washing hands and was thankful for the sustained income.

    A number of Kenyans have been innovating handwashing machines with nine-year-old Stephen Wamukota from Siboti Ward in Bumula Constituency becoming an internet sensation. 

    Boniface Ndegwa from Nyeri County was awarded Ksh3 million by the United Nations Habitat for his Covid-19 innovation.