K24 Boss Peter Opondo's Last Heartfelt Message to Colleagues Before Exit

  • A set at K24 studios in Nairobi
    A set at K24 studios in Nairobi
  • Peter Opondo, who was the K24 Head of TV and Digital, on Friday evening, May 22, wrote a heartfelt message to his colleagues before his exit.

    Opondo who had served notice in the beginning of the month, expressed his gratitude to colleagues, whom he stated that had accorded him maximum cooperation throughout his two-year stint at the station.

    "We had our fights and make-ups, highs and lows, but at all times we kept the focus with a clear aspiration to win. It was all business- and also personal sometimes, you know! Even in difficult times, outsiders (like viewers) would never tell, we kept it in the family.

    "I applaud the teams, especially anchors, for holding a straight face- and even smiling- when there was a literal fire under your seats!" he began.

    File image of veteran journalist Peter Opondo
    File image of veteran journalist Peter Opondo

    The media manager further encouraged the journalists to always work hard and remember the pledge they made when the station was being re-launched on August 25, 2019.

    "We proclaimed to be the trailblazers, remember? This is still our time to make a mark, the good must give way to the better and the better must yield to the best.

    "When doubt creeps in, just watch that clip again! To all of you I say, thank you! I may have disembarked from the bus along the way but the journey continues," he added.

    Additionally, he reminded the journalists that all workplaces had their fair share of challenges.

    "The future may be uncertain, but so is life. I believe that somehow, somewhat the sun shall rise tomorrow. So smile, believe in yourself and keep doing what you do best," he said.

    In conclusion, Opondo stated that he was taking a break from the media, lightly asking his colleagues not to treat him like former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, who on May 7, 2020, indicated that friends no longer picked up his calls.

    "I have a new passion that seems to consume me like new love, so I have no option but to consummate!

    "Pst…Please don’t treat me the way people treated Bitange and Waititu, pick my calls because if you don’t I will abandon my newfound love- sorry, passion- and get another job!" he joked.

    Since April, K24 has been making headlines after the acting CEO Ken Ngaruiya proposed a 50% salary cut for workers to keep the company afloat during Covid-19.

    Sources who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke on Monday, May 11,  revealed that the highly-publicized drama and management squabbles had played a big role in Opondo's exit.

    A news set at K24 studios in Nairobi
    A news set at K24 studios in Nairobi
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