2 KTN Anchors Release Song to Raise Awareness on Covid-19 [VIDEO]

  • KTN news anchors Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo during a photo shoot
    KTN news anchors Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo during a photoshoot
  • Two KTN news anchors on Monday evening, June 1, released a song on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the Country.

    The song, by KTN news anchors Fridah Mwaka, Lofty Matambo and producer Saint P, is meant to give hope to Kenyans, that life will go back to normal soon.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the anchors disclosed that they were in the newsroom when the idea crossed their minds.

    KTN news anchor Fridah Mwaka
    KTN news anchor Fridah Mwaka

    "Lofty and I are both Gospel artistes and we thought why not have a corona song. Later in the day, we visited Saint P who owns a studio and shared the idea with him. It was a done deal and we started writing the song," Mwaka told this writer.

    On the other hand, Lofty stated that the trio wanted to create awareness in a different way other than the usual reporting.

    "A song will last long in the ears of Kenyans. We did the chorus and went to our boss Paul Nabiswa. We sang it to him and he was amused and amazed at the same time. 

    "The same evening we visited Saint P and he liked it. He did a beat and put his rap verse. That's how Weh Corona was made," Lofty continued.

    All three artists who are from the Coast region decided to have one of the verses in Giriama, one of the nine Mijikenda tribes.

    "The verse basically states that corona is affecting our businesses. We cannot take much time in our shambas because of the curfew," Mwaka stated.

    The song also encourages Kenyans to follow government directives to combat the disease including; social distancing, wearing masks and regularly washing hands.

    When asked if they hoped to get payment from the Ksh 100 million stimulus package from President Uhuru Kenyatta, the artists say they mostly sang to educate the masses but the money was also an inspiration.

    "In fact, when we were writing the song, we made a joke about it. We acknowledged that everyone was in need of money at this time during this difficult time and we were looking forward to the money.

    "However, we were later heartbroken when the Sports CS Amina Mohammed stated that only struggling artists would get the money," Lofty concluded.

    Below is the song;