Eleane Muwanga: Guard Who Found Her Musical Breakthrough at Citizen TV [VIDEO]

  • Gospel singer Eleane Muwanga.
    Gospel singer Eleane Muwanga. She also works as a security officer at Royal Media Services.
  • Eleane Muwanga, who currently serves as a security officer at Citizen TV studios, can be described as living testament to the power of faith and perseverance, with her music career in the gospel industry taking flight after years of unimaginable struggles.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the singer, with a uniquely deep tone, opened up on her musical journey which started off after the darkest period of her life.

    "I started singing out of pure pain and anguish. I lost my father on August 23, 2016, and just a few days later, my husband walked out on me after his head was turned by a gacungwa (a younger woman)," she recounted, without the slightest hint of regret.

    Jobless at the time and with 3 young children (2 girls and a boy) to feed, Eleane was forced to beg for food and money for upkeep from friends, family and anyone else who would bother to lend an ear.

    Gospel Singer Eleane Muwanga.
    Gospel Singer Eleane Muwanga.

    "My nickname at the time was omba omba (borrower). However, at some point, even your friends and family grow tired of you if all you do is beg, and this is exactly what happened to me," she narrated.

    However, through her entire ordeal, Eleane found strength in 3 key things in her life, God, her children and music.

    Whenever the pain was just too much to bear, she would just start belting out worship songs and this was what kept her sane, she confessed.

    "At some point, I felt like the world was just too much and decided to just end it by taking a mixture of pills, but I thank God that I am alive today to attest to his unfaltering faithfulness," she stated.

    In 2018, she saw an advert for a job posting for a security officer at Royal Media Services (RMS) and after sending in her application, she got the job that, unknown the time, would lead her to her dream of touching Kenyans through her music.

    It was while on gate duty at the media house that she ran into a Kenyan award-winning contemporary gospel singer, comedian, and TV presenter Victor Mbuvi.

    Gospel singer Eleane Muwanga in the studio.
    Gospel singer Eleane Muwanga in the studio.

    Years of turmoil had turned her into a bold and confident woman who was not afraid to reach out for her dreams. This how she ended up stopping the Kwata Kawaya hitmaker and telling him of her passion for music.

    "You know these big producers get approached thousands of times a day by people just like me, which is why most never end up grabbing the opportunity. From the moment he gave me his number I knew I'd end up recording a song.

    "I called him relentlessly because I have this hunger in me that cannot be contained. Gospel music got me through a really dark place and I purpose to use to help anyone out there who is going through a similar or even worse situation," she explained.

    The consistent calls finally paid off and Mbuvi gave her the direction she needed to finally record her first single titled Wanaomwaminia Bwana (those who trust in the Lord), Maxton Studio.

    She has since released 4 gospel tracks with her latest one dubbed Nimeamini aired on rotation during Laura Karwirwa's Bambika Gospel show on Citizen TV.

    Eleane maintained that her personal journey has taught her the value of perseverance through adversity.

    "To any woman out there who feels like their world is at an end to due to a failed relationship or financial struggles. Use me as a living testament of God's faithfulness," she emphasised.

    The budding musician is currently working on her debut album, which she says will be a personalized message to the world on the beauty of faith and endurance.

    Watch Eleane's latest song below: