EXCLUSIVE: Citizen TV Presenter Who Covers 90km to Work

  • The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.

    This statement encapsulates Citizen TV's dynamic presenter, Karwirwa Laura.

    Speaking exclusively to Kenyans.co.ke, the Bambika show presenter opened up on her remarkable journey to becoming a household name at such a tender age, as well as some outright goofy details that add to her unique character.

    Uknown to most, Karwirwa commutes to work from Thika when needed at the studio, as its the town she grew up in.

    "Haha yeah, I actually do that," she cheekily responded when quizzed on how she manages to make it to her Sunday Morning show.

    Bambika Show hosts from left; Dj Gee Gee, Timeless Noel, Laura Karwirwa and Holy Dave on set.

    Interestingly, despite undertaking a Food, Nutrition and Dietetics course at Kenyatta University, she made her way to Citizen TV when a position opened up at the station and trumped over 20 other contestants to ensure she bagged the job.

    However, landing the job was only the beginning as she found herself in the deep end of the pool, with zero experience in the field.

    She even admitted to having questioned her decision to audition for the job, after it dawned on her that the gig came hand in hand with major publicity - kryptonite to most introverts.

    However, the team she joined was filled with people who were willing to nurture and encourage her until she could swim with the whales.

    "The Gospel Sunday team on Citizen TV (Holy Dave, Timeless Noel, Dj Gee Gee, Ken tha Dj, Kambua and our producers) have been sooooo amazing. They patiently guided me, taught me new things and have become more like family already," she stated.

    One particular member of the team -Kambua, holds a dear place in her heart, with their friendship blossoming into something much deeper, akin to sisterhood.

    Citizen TV presenter Laura Karwirwa

    "We're very close and she's walked me through a lot in regards to my music career and many other things pertaining to life. I'm a firstborn to a brother. She's the sister I never had," she disclosed.

    In a weird twist of fate, it was actually Karwirwa who not only replaced Kambua on the Bambika Show, but also stepped in for her on the Rauka show, as Kambua took a break during her maternity leave.

    Speaking of people who had played a pivotal role in her rise to stardom, Karwirwa only had kind words for Pitson of the famous Lingala ya Yesu track.

    "Pitson held my hand through it all, from my very first track to date, he has always been there," she narrated.

    Inspired by her own mentor, Karwirwa is already giving back to upcoming artistes by holding out her hand and guiding new musicians through the cut-throat music industry.

    Bambika Show host Laura Karwirwa on set.

    "I like to term it as my labour of love. It's not like I have a registered mentorship institution or anything like that. I just feel that it's my duty to also pass on some of the knowledge I have gained during my five years in the music industry. There are many things I had to learn through baptism by fire or hardship and where I can, I'd like to help someone so that they don't have to go through the same," she explained.

    Her unexpected career path also introduced her to the world of hundreds of men willing to shoot their shot in her DM - on a daily basis. 

    Her relationship status is a hot topic of discussion, coming up as often as the BBI debate, it all comes with the territory.

    Despite being part of a crew that has enough energy and stories to last 10 lifetimes, Karwirwa maintains that off set, she actually likes to keep to herself and goof around trying out stuff she comes across on those Do-It-Yourself videos.

    This may be the secret behind her self-taught make-up and hairstyling skills, with the presenter confessing to styling herself most of the time.

    "I like to keep to myself most of the time. At times I just drive to nowhere in particular, to just unwind. I also really enjoy doing house chores such as washing the utensils, cleaning the house, dusting, etc, it's therapeutic for me," she revealed.

    In regards to her plans for the future, the Citizen TV show host announced that she was making a major comeback in music.

    Laura Karwirwa pictured during her Bambika Show.