EXCLUSIVE: Remarkable Citizen TV Presenter Working 7 Jobs

  • Whoever coined the phrase 'jack of all trades but master of none' clearly never met David Muthengi alias Holy Dave.

    Most people know David as the energetic Citizen TV Bambika show presenter, however, after a lengthy interview with Kenyans.co.ke, one immediately realizes that there's so much more about the gifted gospel artist than meets the eye.

    Born in a family of five siblings, the importance of education was imparted in the Muthengi household from a very young age - though it seemed normal at the time, this was something that has shaped the young artist's career to date.

    "I come from a family of scholars. My dad is a professor, my mum has a masters, my elder sister, and our firstborn, Eunice, has a PhD in Public Health, my brother Mumo has a Harvard MBA, my other sister, Grace, has an MBA as well, then Joey who has a degree in business communication," he revealed.

    Holy Dave pictured during his popular Bambika Show.

    We couldn't help but take a break from the interview, to joke about what kind of conversation takes place during family dinners at the Muthengi's.

    Dave -on his part, is a graduate student at the University of Nairobi, pursuing a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.

    However, he couldn't suppress his incessant passion for the arts as well, having kickstarted his musical career back when he was a Form One student at Machakos Boys High School.

    When pressed on what exactly drove him to pursue careers that seemed worlds apart on paper, he was quick to point out one particular instance that changed the course of his life forever.

    "Twelve years ago, I went for an interview at Citizen TV and Esther Wahome asked us (we were a bunch of artists) where we saw ourselves in the next 10 years. That question really resonated with me, despite everyone else going on about winning MAMA awards and such, I immediately knew that I wanted more," he narrated.

    "It was then that I set my mind towards pursuing a double career. I was going to take my artistry to the next level and pursue my passion for financial consultancy as well," he added.

    Holy Dave Pictured during one of his university lectures.

    His stellar academic achievements have since seen him land teaching jobs at top universities in the country such as Africa Nazarene and Daystar University, where he not only lectures, but mentors budding entrepreneurs and helps work on the students' characters as well.

    The versatile Bambika show host also started the Muthengi Foundation back in 2014 alongside his sister -Joey Muthengi, as a way for them to give back to society.

    "Education is a field that is dear to us and thus it was quite easy for us to settle on how we wanted to impact our society through the foundation. We basically use our influence to raise funds to support education in Kenya," he explained. 

    The duo has since come up with several initiatives that help underprivileged students such as Give A Light Initiative that distributes solar lamps in remote areas to enable children read at night, among several other similar programs.

    Holy Dave holding up one of the solar lamps distributed to rural areas under his give a light initiative.

    They also partnered with Billian Ojiwa in 2016, on the Ficha Uchi initiative, a platform they have used to raise at least 5,000 school uniforms for underprivileged kids across the country.

    Dave went on to reveal that they were also currently sponsoring three high school students.

    On top of his popular Citizen TV show, he also works with his big brother as a financial consultant, a field he's passionate about.

    So, just in case you missed it, the TV presenter runs a foundation, serves as an adjunct lecturer (regularly called upon by universities to lecture but not under payroll), Mcees, serves as a professional financial consultant and runs a mentorship program as well!

    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too.

    David Muthengi hard at work for the Muthengi Foundation.