Celebrities Surprise Citizen TV Presenters on Live TV

  • Citizen TV presenters and singer Timeless Noel and Dj Gee Gee, were on Sunday, January 5, 2019, blown away by his co-hosts on the station's morning show Bambika when they surprised them with a birthday present.

    Gospel musician and fellow presenter Kambua and Rauka show fellow presenter KentheDj led Noel's colleagues in a hearty birthday song as they presented the cake to the energetic presenters.

    The show's co-hosts Laura Karwirwa and David Muthengi alias Holy Dave and Dj Gee Gee also serenaded the two with cheerful songs as they presented them with cakes to mark the occasion.

    "Big shout out to the love of my life Jazmine Macharia. Thanks for bearing with and for the special treatment over the last week," Dj Gee Gee stated.

    Timeless Noel munching on cake during the Bambika show on January 5, 2020.

    He went on to point out that his birthday was in fact on January 6, while Timeless Noel's big day was actually on December 24.

    However, this did not stop the presenters from having a blast in the studio, with several of them taking turns at pasting the cake's frosting on the faces of the birthday boys.

    "What a beautiful cake," a visibly ecstatic Timeless Noel reacted as they broke into song into the studio.

    Back on November 17, 2019, Kambua was the one being surprised during her first episode back on her Rauka show on Citizen TV.

    The singer celebrated her birthday on Saturday, November 9, but her colleagues celebrated it on Sunday morning because that was when she made a TV comeback after being away for maternity leave.

    While she was hosting the show, her co-hosts called in pretending to sing a happy birthday song for her only for them to show up in the studio with a cake.

    Kambua and her fellow Citizen TV presenters during the Bambika show on January 5, 2020.